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rp start things

Posted 1 day, 13 minutes ago by StrawberryLunala

[public, the tags are for people to notice]


Medina: *Sitting down next to a tree, she puts on her glasses*


Nisila: *Shuffling her cards*

PantherKing239 James-the-Charizard

zombies and fire plants

Posted 10 days, 20 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

Alyssa was walking down the street briskly. She appeared to be looking for something...

(Your choice as to whether this is before or after he gained amnesia)

more galar dex rp starts

Posted 15 days, 12 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

they be public, tag’s just for noticement


Mati: *Asleep at a bench*


Soot: *Kicking a ball up and down*


pRo GaMeR sQuAd

Posted 15 days, 16 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

Lyra: *Playing some super smash bros on a stream*


help me choose

Posted 15 days, 16 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

Which design to do?

0 Votes Raccoon kemonomimi - BNHA oc - female
1 Votes Lurrikai/nihilego hybrid thing - idk what gender yet
2 Votes Pachirisu oc - Pokemon - idk what gender yet but probably male

I need help for which to do first- (at least I’ve narrowed it down to three rather than five)

lava kitty

Posted 16 days, 20 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

Lyra: *Eating a sandwich*

James-the-Charizard PantherKing239

galar dex rp starters

Posted 21 days, 21 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

These are public; tags are just for being cool

Azul: *Eating in a café*

Kotori: *Singing a song in the park, the song isn’t in english tho*


mega man rp ig

Posted 23 days, 17 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

Zwei was walking down the street carrying a large bag. She was holding the bag tight, and looking around nervously, for while she's usually not very far from Eins, this required it.


one rp start

Posted 24 days, 17 hours ago by Xurran StrawberryLunala

is public but tag is who i thought of

Xurran: *Laying underneath a tree*


Just smh

Posted 1 month, 4 days ago by StrawberryLunala


People like the OP (DMaker800) are why I don’t want to be in the Pokémon fandom anymore.

I know this was probably satire. I just don’t give a flying furball anymore.