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im bored so have rps

Posted 1 day, 6 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

only rule: These are NOT based on an alternate universe (such as the Sachi-and-others-in-the-past AU).


Runuya: *Walking through a mall quickly* Where was it...


Lilith: *Having heard a loud noise, she looks outside her window* :?

Mothers are the worst

Posted 2 days, 2 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

so it appears that every time that i use the computer more than a week or two in a row the wifi stick gets taken for a month and so this time i cant use discord or anything for like a full month :)

ah well at least firealpaca can still help me with cheating the problem of no phone no art :)


Posted 10 days, 10 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

My phone is broken..RIP iPhone X unless I can get it repaired...


Posted 11 days, 11 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

My mom is the most evil person on the face of the planet and I hope she dies.


Posted 18 days, 23 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

So apparently using apps from 6:30 to 10 on Sunday through Thursday is now disallowed...looks like I’m not gonna be using apps ever again :)

Can’t even draw...I wanted to draw Nepi’s ref...


Posted 28 days, 20 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

Ingrid: *Sitting on a bench, playing on her 3DS*


robot rp

Posted 29 days, 22 hours ago by StrawberryLunala

*Spade Man and Heart Woman were looking around the city; it didn’t look very familiar to them, probably because of the short amount of time since they were made.*

(I’m not the greatest at starting these things hh)


I need help

Posted 1 month, 4 days ago by StrawberryLunala

I want to create a Mega Man OC but idk what to base it on..

please help me with ideas-

(Based on an image)

*Phil was sinking in a body of water...*

Kuru: *picks up Phil and carries him up to the surface*


me: im gonna go to sleep-
my fan, the computer, and everything else: As are we, all at the same time *everything shuts down*
me: ...what in the actual fuck

so yeah. no power for the next two hours (according to the power company, who said it should be restored by 2:30). and my hotspot was already done for the month--