other fandom trash

Characters which are from a fandom not described by the other folders, but are still explicitly from a fandom. Sonic the Hedgehog is in this folder because I don't associate myself with that fandom, I just like the games and like to create/buy characters for them. (Half of my Sonic characters were adoptables.)

There's also two stories within this folder:
Fallen Stars
W:RP - Warriors: Rosetail's Promise
However, unlike the other folders, this folder is the folder for non-story characters.

Characters from the following fandoms will be found in this folder, here is proper credit:

  • Mega Man - CAPCOM
  • Invader Zim - Nickelodeon
  • Shovel Knight - Yacht Club Games
  • Cookie Run - Devsisters
  • My Hero Academia - Kohei Hirokoshi and Viz Media

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