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You commented on the name at first sight thread and picked Azrael :') I just wanted to say that's really fantastic because that's my main boy's name ahaha  (well, Azreal)

You clearly have good taste ;)

(Just thought it was funny hehe )

Pfff I didn’t even realize! I just name based entirely on the icon ahah. Thanks!

I know that's amazing :') I just thought it was funny that you legit came up with the best name ahaha 

Well great minds think alike. ^^

Can we do an rp of Kuro's backstory? ;3;

Sure? Remind me what this entails...

Kuro was a science experiment of some sort, an attempt to create a Moon based Cherrim.

I see...

I’m kinda getting tired of Bad Science rps tbh. Maybe this one involves a Pokémon Egg this time, instead of an alive patient? Seems like if one wanted to make a moon Cherrim, they would make a moon Cherubi when it is at its most impressionable state - the Egg.

You hit the nail on the head, I didn’t have any ideas for an alive patient, plus it wouldn’t make sense.

Sorry but science rps are the only ones that make sense half the time... ;~;

Yeah, I understand, I just wish there was more variety.

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Should Furea be linked with Astrid and/or Maverick as being on her Pokémon team?


I’ll let you request a link .0.


Happy Birthday! ^^

Thank you ^^

You're welcome. ^w^

Well there is two (one for Zantaru, the other for Xureen) on my DA but I haven’t drawn all of them, nor have I finished the Xureen one. (I don’t think it’s even updated with Kochisuria yet. I still need to upload that one to DA)

eyy, another Joker icon haha ^^ your profile layout is so nice wth

hehe thanks

That’s a unique icon .3.


Sorry bout this stupid question but...

Who is it? ;3;

Joker (Persona 5)

The same one from super smash bros.

It's ok that you didn't quite get it, since Joker is paid dlc for SSB and Persona 5 isn't on the Switch yet

I’m saving money for something else first THEN DLC FOR SMASH ;0;


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Out of curiosity, do you have a 3DS?

One that my mom probably has somewhere yes.

Cool .3.


Was just curious ._.

hey lunala!
i made the biollante line a grass starter line for tohouh


I've actually been thinking of reworking my Xureeni starters myself. Mostly because I decided a fire-type goat would be cool. But I haven't actually designed them yet.

fire goat sounds cool tbh


i just want to let you know i saw your new profile icon change while schmoozing the forums and it has me SCREAMING, that's SO FUNNY and i'm SO GLAD you did that

I think you were the one I got the image from in the first place lol. I know I saw it on TH and saved it, then when looking for a memeful icon came back to it.

Thanks! ^^

LMAO YEAH THAT WAS ME that's why i'm laughing so hard about it, i remember you from the thread this had happened in because you'd pinged me so i saw the icon change and just started shrieking

Welp I guess I’ll have to credit you for the pfp then lol. Glad you got a laugh out of it! XD

lmfaoooo it's from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which i haven't actually seen myself but have heard good things about? i'm glad the meme is getting good use!!

Alrighty then lol. You’re welcome for the use of the meme you found ^^

Wait what’s your profile pic?

(It’s so cool :0)

It’s a character named Judar from an anime I like, called Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. It’s really cool and you should watch it if you have Hulu. Previously I had a fanart of Judar but with the new update to TH’s rules I changed it to an anime screencap of him.

Meanwhile I’m wasting my life playing Pokémon

Oh welp


Now what...?


I accidentally deleted the notification from the rp we were doing with Marc and Ben and Bonnie...

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So I herd you leik Magi?

Magi is where I get my harem

I see.

Which character is your favorite? I mean, it may be clear already by your response to my pfp but it might be different *shrug emoji*

my favorite character is the peach that judar eats

Because apples would be too obvious lol-

Er, hello again.


How are you?

Eh, pretty bored frankly.

I certainly suck at managing messages on here

Eh, it’s fine. I’ve seen worse.

hi! long time no see (again oof)

Indeed. How are you?

im good, you?

Pretty good.

thats good ^^


Does the Infrake species (Which I have Ivan as one) have an evolution?

Yes. It’s a pseudo-legendary, so it has two: Adracer at Level 36, and Mistraker at Level 56.

Is there a link for his first evolution?

I do not have the Mistraker line on Toyhouse but it should be in the Fake Pokémon folder of my DA gallery, if you want the information now rather rhan this evening.

I can wait for when you get a hold of the info-

Copied from the da page, I put in the image too:


Adracer, the Dragon Kit Pokémon
Name origin: "adolescent" (a child), "drake" (dragon), "race" (the verb, and the "one who")
Also, yes, the c instead of a k is so you pronounce it with a soft c

126 Zantaru Dex / 309 National Dex
Type: Dragon
Ability: Super Luck

Height: 3'7" (1.1m)
Weight: 198.2lbs (89.9kg)

Base Stats: 56 HP / 74 Attack / 76 Defense / 99 Sp.Atk. / 67 Sp.Def. / 93 Speed
Total: 465

Infrake --(Level 33)--> Adracer --(Level 56)--> Mistraker

Its underdeveloped wings still don't allow it to fly, but they do allow it to run faster, which is a step in the right direction.

Ok I lied it was level 33 to turn into this. You can see the idea though, a special sweeper with solid physical defense. It would likely have such moves as Dragon Breath and Confusion, since its final form is Dragon/Psychic.

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Hi Alex. What’s up?

gone back to pokemon cause im a light switch

Well, that's cool. I guess that means you'll be drawing your pokemon/fakemon ocs more?

hecc yea
I even made another fakemon OC

Ooh, that sounds interesting. Of which species is he?

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hey !! just wondering if you have those doodles you needed to do in return for that phone background i made for you a bit ago

ill resize it if you need it to be, too--

It's fine, works well even on my new phone-

I haven't done them yet, but I'll have them done hopefully by tomorrow. My idea was your latis (Kaito and Hana) and my lati (Asher)-

Can I make a Pandrandage oc?

Just curious ;3;


They're honestly more developed than my semi-open species lol ^^;

If you need information I'll give it

Gonna need it plz-


Pandrandage is a Ghost/Fighting type Pokémon. It averages 1'8" (0.5m) tall. It almost always carries around a box roughly the same size, it is thought that the box contains souls or something, but the contents of the box are unknown and almost certainly different from specimen to specimen. Without its box it averages 35 pounds (16kg), but the box weighs about 110 pounds (50kg) - it just is very strong and can carry this like it's roughly nothing. I've done the math for you, and assuming a human can carry about their own body weight, Pandrandage are roughly 90 times as strong as a human.

It can absorb the box in order to enter a "Pride Form," where it gains access to the seven Sin moves (level dependent) in addition to its normal moves. This Ability is called "Pandora's Box" and in an actual Pokémon game would activate upon reaching 50% or less health, and will activate even if Pandrandage has 0 health. The Ability heals the user to roughly 75% health in addition to giving access to the Sin moves (outlined on this DA journal). Only a Pandrandage at Level 66 or higher can use all of these moves, they are learned at levels ending in 6 in the same order, ending with Prideful Power, the only move that I may have had changed from the journal, which is why I shall explain it. Prideful Power is a move which takes some of the life energy, the aura, of the target away from them, dealing 75% of their current health in damage as well as healing the Pandrandage for 75% of the damage dealt (or buffing its stats, whichever is preferred/possible).

Its stats are as follows, with the first number being the stat in Normal form while the other number is the stat in Pride form:

HP: 84/84

Attack: 55/144

Defense: 132/48

Sp. Attack: 45/138

Sp. Defense: 154/30

Speed: 30/156

Canonically the Pandrandage species was an attempt by Yunuva, the goddess of death, to make life. The first one was created because Yunuva needed somewhere to put the Titan of Sin after successfully trapping it, and when Yunuva realized she could do this thing which she thought was exclusive to the goddess of life Lumani, she turned it into a viable species.

These are the moves which Pandrandage can have by level up, including the Sin moves:

01 - Feint

03 - Growl

05 - Bide

06 - Sloth Induce*

08 - Power-Up Punch

13 - Hex

16 - Greed Satisfaction*

17 - Will-O-Wisp, Superchill

20 - Mach Punch

24 - Wake-Up Slap

26 - Wrathful Pummeling*

27 - Double Team

30 - Destiny Bond

31 - Shadow Claw

34 - Shadow Punch

36 - Lust for More*

38 - Force Palm

41 - Acrobatics

45 - Shadow Ball

46 - Gluttonous Munch*

48 - Last Resort

53 - Double Edge

56 - Copy of Envy*

57 - Close Combat

61 - Phantom Force

66 - Prideful Power*

68 - Focus Punch

72 - Perish Song

*Sin moves

Pandrandage can also learn a few Dark-type moves, like Foul Play and Dark Pulse, by breeding.

Pandrandage cannot evolve into or from anything.

I shall make my oc-



Do the sin moves use spots in a moveset?

No. However, they can only be used in Pride Form, in which the box is gone and there are blue orbs surrounding the Pandrandage.

Bottom left of this image is a good ref of what it looks like, as is this one (Kaisel gets a red glow around her because she's a special Pandra but we'll get there later).

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I'd like to know if you'd like to rp

I really like your spider gril

I'm a spider enthusiast lol

Ah? Well, she does need to be developed lol. I could probably do rp.


You have a discord?

No, unfortunately.

Would a private world work?


Alright! I invited you to the world. ^^

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Can we rp Tibu with James again? :<




Idk I just wanted to start an rp with them .3.

yeah...but it isn't started...

Hey Lunala would you like to see some of my new OCs I did on DA?


I wish there was a like button on TH posts so that I could say I really love your drawing of the twins :(((

I have enabled likes on my images, so you can do that much at least lol. Glad you like it though! I had a lot of fun drawing it. 

Happy New Year, Lunala! ^u^

Thank you so much for favouriting Stitches!

Merry Christmas, Lunala! :D *hugs* ^^

Hi! thank you for the favorite <3

You're welcome. ^^


Do you think it’s possible Oralee and Eli can be shipped?

Maybe. Probably not in inkdemon forms (that seems a bit too NSFW for me) but in general yeah.

When should we do an rp like that? .3.

Well, when do you want to do an rp like that? ;3;

Whenever you can. .3.

Well then I guess let's do it.

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Hey sorry for the late reply on the other rp, but the post got deleted. You want to do another one?

Oh I didn't realize! I was clearing out some old bulletins and must've gotten rid of it. ^^"

Sure, let's do another! I think I'll use Ruzu for this one. ^^

Ooo cool. I'll use my glaceon OC. I would post it here but it's not working. And what kind of rp? 

Are you sure you're pushing the Submit - Character button?'s up to you. She does have candy powers tho so...

Well, idk, I can't find the button but really oof. 

Maybe just a normal role play and a few twists 

That sounds good to me. Should I go make the bulletin or send a PM or...?

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Say, Lunala? Someone by the name of marxpng made some Xureeni Tsareena fanart for you.

Oh? Is it this?

Oh, you already saw it? :-?

Yeah, I saw it on Kyle's profile. Im just surprised the image is credited for Kyle. .3.

Oh... Whoops... ^^;

You're okay. I just didn't realize it at first. ^^"

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Thank you for the fave~

You're very welcome ^^

Got the drawing done-

Ty for drawing Masked! 

It was adorable!

You're welcome! She's probably my favorite character of yours <3

Aw thank you!

I’ll be sure to draw her a little more :D

I got let’s go Eevee yesterday so I’ll be a bit distracted from while lol

Madie did too lol.

I'm sad because I don't have a switch and almost certainly will not have one before smash ultimate's deal on the Piranha Plant (anyone who buys the game before January 31 gets him for free) ends...

Yea the the games pretty fun 

I hope you get a switch soon :00

I'm asking for one for christmas but chances are I'm not gonna get one

I'll have enough money to just plain buy one by christmas (about $400) but I'm supposed to save up for a car. ._.

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Thankies for the fav!

You're welcome ^^

Heyyy I’m up for an art trade or design trade now!


Who do you want me to draw?

Could you draw Emilia?

Who do you want me to draw for you?

Eeh, not sure...maybe this bean?

Thank you so much for the favs and for the sub! c'':

You're welcome ^^

Quick question:

What would the typing of a Vularena/Dustramana fusion be?


What moves can it know?

(Jerry is level 54, I need a decent moveset for him-)

Level 54 is actually exactly when Vularena learns its most powerful move, System Error. (A Glitch-type V-create.)

Other notable moves are: - Play Rough (Fairy-Physical) - Shadow Claw (Ghost-Physical, usually it's Shadow Punch but Vularena doesn't have punching arms) - Shadow Ball (Ghost-Special) - Game Shark (Glitch-Special, effectively Magnitude) - Wrong Warp (Glitch, effectively Teleport) - Soft Lock (Glitch-Special, effectively Volt Switch) - Moonblast (Fairy-Special)

Lol nice! XD

Though what does V-Create do?

His moveset:
System Error


Shadow Claw

Soft Lock

180 power move, lowers attack, sp.attack, and speed upon use. (His Attack and Sp.Defense would be his best stats, so it isn't TOO much of a big deal.)

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Thanks for the fav on Cassiel. He appreciates the love.

You're welcome. ^^

Thanks for the fav (again)~

No problem ^^

Thanks for the favs!!

No prob ^^

thank you for the favorite!!

No prob ^^

Hey ! Thanks so much for the fave on Lindy. ^u^-

You're welcome ^^

Thanks for the fav!

Yw! ^^

I love your art aaA

Nawww, thankies! ^^

You're welcome ><<

Hey Lunala. Got your code. :)

Noice ^^

Hoi Lunala. Itsa me Moony.