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Like this:


You have been warned. 

Hoi ^^

Thanks for checking em out ^^

Can I use Fossil in a skit I’m making?


Yo. Do you have any OCs I can draw?

Yeah! I’d really like art of any of these characters, but you can go surfing through all my characters if you want. ^^

Er, hello again.


How are you?

Eh, pretty bored frankly.

I certainly suck at managing messages on here

Eh, it’s fine. I’ve seen worse.

hey !! just wondering if you have those doodles you needed to do in return for that phone background i made for you a bit ago

ill resize it if you need it to be, too--

It's fine, works well even on my new phone-

I haven't done them yet, but I'll have them done hopefully by tomorrow. My idea was your latis (Kaito and Hana) and my lati (Asher)-


I'd like to know if you'd like to rp

I really like your spider gril

I'm a spider enthusiast lol

Ah? Well, she does need to be developed lol. I could probably do rp.


You have a discord?

No, unfortunately.

Would a private world work?


Alright! I invited you to the world. ^^

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Can we rp Tibu with James again? :<




Idk I just wanted to start an rp with them .3.

yeah...but it isn't started...

Hey Lunala would you like to see some of my new OCs I did on DA?


I wish there was a like button on TH posts so that I could say I really love your drawing of the twins :(((

I have enabled likes on my images, so you can do that much at least lol. Glad you like it though! I had a lot of fun drawing it. 

Happy New Year, Lunala! ^u^

Thank you so much for favouriting Stitches!

Merry Christmas, Lunala! :D *hugs* ^^

Hi! thank you for the favorite <3

You're welcome. ^^


Do you think it’s possible Oralee and Eli can be shipped?

Maybe. Probably not in inkdemon forms (that seems a bit too NSFW for me) but in general yeah.

When should we do an rp like that? .3.

Well, when do you want to do an rp like that? ;3;

Whenever you can. .3.

Well then I guess let's do it.

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Hey sorry for the late reply on the other rp, but the post got deleted. You want to do another one?

Oh I didn't realize! I was clearing out some old bulletins and must've gotten rid of it. ^^"

Sure, let's do another! I think I'll use Ruzu for this one. ^^

Ooo cool. I'll use my glaceon OC. I would post it here but it's not working. And what kind of rp? 

Are you sure you're pushing the Submit - Character button?'s up to you. She does have candy powers tho so...

Well, idk, I can't find the button but really oof. 

Maybe just a normal role play and a few twists 

That sounds good to me. Should I go make the bulletin or send a PM or...?

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Say, Lunala? Someone by the name of marxpng made some Xureeni Tsareena fanart for you.

Oh? Is it this?

Oh, you already saw it? :-?

Yeah, I saw it on Kyle's profile. Im just surprised the image is credited for Kyle. .3.

Oh... Whoops... ^^;

You're okay. I just didn't realize it at first. ^^"

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Thank you for the fave~

You're very welcome ^^

Got the drawing done-

Ty for drawing Masked! 

It was adorable!

You're welcome! She's probably my favorite character of yours <3

Aw thank you!

I’ll be sure to draw her a little more :D

I got let’s go Eevee yesterday so I’ll be a bit distracted from while lol

Madie did too lol.

I'm sad because I don't have a switch and almost certainly will not have one before smash ultimate's deal on the Piranha Plant (anyone who buys the game before January 31 gets him for free) ends...

Yea the the games pretty fun 

I hope you get a switch soon :00

I'm asking for one for christmas but chances are I'm not gonna get one

I'll have enough money to just plain buy one by christmas (about $400) but I'm supposed to save up for a car. ._.

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Thankies for the fav!

You're welcome ^^

Heyyy I’m up for an art trade or design trade now!


Who do you want me to draw?

Could you draw Emilia?

Who do you want me to draw for you?

Eeh, not sure...maybe this bean?

Thank you so much for the favs and for the sub! c'':

You're welcome ^^

Quick question:

What would the typing of a Vularena/Dustramana fusion be?


What moves can it know?

(Jerry is level 54, I need a decent moveset for him-)

Level 54 is actually exactly when Vularena learns its most powerful move, System Error. (A Glitch-type V-create.)

Other notable moves are: - Play Rough (Fairy-Physical) - Shadow Claw (Ghost-Physical, usually it's Shadow Punch but Vularena doesn't have punching arms) - Shadow Ball (Ghost-Special) - Game Shark (Glitch-Special, effectively Magnitude) - Wrong Warp (Glitch, effectively Teleport) - Soft Lock (Glitch-Special, effectively Volt Switch) - Moonblast (Fairy-Special)

Lol nice! XD

Though what does V-Create do?

His moveset:
System Error


Shadow Claw

Soft Lock

180 power move, lowers attack, sp.attack, and speed upon use. (His Attack and Sp.Defense would be his best stats, so it isn't TOO much of a big deal.)

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Thanks for the fav on Cassiel. He appreciates the love.

You're welcome. ^^

Thanks for the fav (again)~

No problem ^^

Thanks for the favs!!

No prob ^^

thank you for the favorite!!

No prob ^^

Hey ! Thanks so much for the fave on Lindy. ^u^-

You're welcome ^^

Thanks for the fav!

Yw! ^^

I love your art aaA

Nawww, thankies! ^^

You're welcome ><<

Hey Lunala. Got your code. :)

Noice ^^

Hoi Lunala. Itsa me Moony.