Strontium's Bulletins

I have a webcomic and I think anyone who enjoys what they see here will enjoy my comic!

HEROES OF THANTOPOLIS is an all-ages Fantasy Action/Adventure story. When 12-year-old Cyrus arrives in the City of the Dead without his memories, the only thing he is sure of is that he's alive. But rather than send him back to the Land of the Living, Queen Helene decides to make use of his unexpected arrival. As the Queen's Champion, Cyrus fights to banish three evil ghosts bent on taking over the city. His adventures take him through a world of mystery, history and magic along with a group of ghostly friends. But was Cyrus's arrival in the city random, or is there more to his story than it seems...?


  • There's over 200 pages of the comic already posted, and it updates consistently on Mondays and Thursdays
  • The protagonist, Cyrus, is aromantic and asexual, and so are all the ghosts and spirits.
  • There's a lot of pop culture referenced throughout, including music, recent history, books, video games, ect. 
  • It's kid friendly, so you can show it to your younger siblings or relatives
  • A strong myth arc drives the comic, and each chapter adds onto the story line in an episodic fashion
  • The art and writing are both realy good (and I have people's words to back that up)
  • It's in the vein of TV shows like Steven Universe and Adventure Time, minus the filler

So check it out! Yeah!