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YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Unless you read this... Thanks, and enjoy looking around!

  • You support anyone who falls under my DNI
  • You are a MAP/NOMAP/Pedo
  • You are LGBT+ phobic in any way (exclusionists too)
  • You are age 12 or under (under 13)
  • You mainly draw NSFW or draw NSFW of minors
  • You are anti-furry
  • You are uncomfortable interacting with minors

Please Do Not

  • Don't steal anything I have here! I worked really hard to get a lot of the art here and it would be a shame if I found someone else using it without my permission.
  • Don't offer for anything outside of the Trade/Sell folder!
  • Don't kin my characters! I identify with a couple of my characters, and it's odd to kin someone else's OC, in my opinion.
  • Don't add my characters to your wishists / dreamie folders! A lot of them are forever homed, and I will blacklist you if this rule is broken.
  • In short, please don't do anything to my characters or art that you wouldn't want done to yours!

Content Warnings

  • Some characters have gory images! However it's not severe, it is tagged if you have it enabled.
  • Some of my characters have slight body horror themes, like multiple eyes, however if there's anything else a warning will usually be on their page.
  • Some of my characters may have backstories that detail problematic subjects, however it will be mentioned on their profile warning if they do.
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