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Thank you for the favourite, I appreciate it :)

Gosh, you are fast! I love the expression you gave him, especially for the chibi doodle xD

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day/evening!

thank you! He's a cutie for sure <3 

Have a great day!!

Look at those profiles... They're so beautiful ??? Dang you're the aesthetic queen, this makes me wanna marry all your OCs

we should talk about headcanon at some point omg---

<3 <3 Dawn bb you're too kind aaaa

Warms my little angry gremlin heart <3 

and yessssss we def should ??

Yesss we should talk about that on Discord, I'm eyeing Laceyyyy   

Hey there! I was interested in joining one of your worlds! Juniper landing too be specific! ^_^ I was wondering if there’s an application of sorts or something like that too join in?

Ah, yeah! So pretty much direct message me with the character or characters you have in mind, a bit about them, and how you think they would interact with other character in town and I’ll see if the character fits well! 

I like your characters, so I'm subscribing :> They're really creative!

oh thank you so much aaa <3 


Hey there ahah 

Feel free to talk with me pals!

heyyy! I found you on here and I am very happy about it!

ahaha I'm very flattered, thanks man!