The Catacombs

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Have you ever been curious to know what lays under you in the thousands of kilometres of the earth below your paws? 

Of course you may already know, there are bones and bugs and bothersome things that you wouldn't normally twitch a whisker about, 

but what about the ancient stories of cats that are withering with old age, that speak of a place of tendrilous size? 

The catacombs are a vast underground network of tunnels, only accessible by a few select spots on the surface. 

Ancient cats carved and explored these tunnels through centuries of hard work. At the heart of the catacombs is a nook bustling with life: Catalena. 

Here cats live harmoniously in groups called guilds, in which every member has it's own special role. There are merchants, barbarians, 

witches, foragers, every type of citizen you could imagine. Everyone contributes to Catalena in their own way and keeps it safe for the cats that live there.

But the catacombs aren't only home to cats, no.. they harbour other things as well. Horrifying monsters and ghosts which 

haunt the tunnels day and night. Catalena is only a small speck of light in the grand scheme of things, 

and there are always threats.. threats of impending doom in the air.

Are you prepared to enter the depths of the catacombs?



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