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Not for use for you to Trace, "inspired"/Heavily Reference, RP, Ship, Kin, or use for yourself. I don't own colors so pallets are fine.

Not for use in Commentary/Critique Videos

If they're Feral or Anthro keep them that way and don't flip them unless specified otherwise.

You may Draw them solo or with others, yours and/or mine, and show me I love seeing them in character and out of character as long as not sexually shipped or paired to be cannon.

I cuss sparsely but use all manner of words some of my characters may also reflect that or more or some none at all.

Most Characters are carefree but some have gore and blood Themes to be aware It will be tagged.

Characters beliefs or behaviors are not what I believe or how I behave.

Able to genderbend characters just ask.

Free to ask questions about character lore, likes, etc.

⚜Enjoy looking ⚜


Character offer on those outside the Sale folder are tentative, not actively looking to trade them but enjoy looking at offers.

!Will not take characters that ToS or ruling that can not be sold or traded! Will not take characters with no credit linked!

If interested in my characters will take

Designs by: Pixel-latte, Sandflake, LiLiaRa, Onlyhalfpigeon, PrinceSawyer, Chickenbusiness, Knite will almost always be yes

Species: Yevren > Reosean, Vernid(official by species guide) > Ren Fair > Smok, Picky with Sergals

Palette: Grey, Blue, Black, White, Peachy, Dark Purples, Neon as accents, Natural Greens\Browns\Tans, Picky with Pastels but will look.

Markings: I love stripes of all shapes & sizes over large spots like a Paint horse, Flourishes Calligraphy sorts, big cat prints, geometric, Tribal or runes. No coon or ringed tails.

Themes:  Egypt, Space, D&D Fantasy, Traditional Asian, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Leatherwork, Braidwork, Music, Native/Tribal, Death, Horror, Gore/blood, Desert Dweller, Forest Dweller, Ice/snow dweller, Viking/Nordic, Celtic, Gijinka

Interests: Males, Anthro, Poodles, Owls, Big Cats, Winged, Archers, Rouges, Alchemists, Illusionists, Summoners,  Necromancers, Druids, Tinkerers, Assassins, Shapeshifters, Beast Master/Rider, Birdlike, Creatures, Angels, Taurs, Hybrids, Skulls, Cryptids, Longhaired, Non-water Dragons

!!! Very Picky with Canines and Females but will always look.

Fandom Based Characters: Pokemon No fusions, Legend of Zelda, DnD, Final Fantasy, Zombie Apocalypse, Kingdom Hearts, Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn, Avatar the Last Air Bender


  •  Fish or nautical themes unless a Zora, 
  • Insects
  • Colors: overly bright, mainly bright red dark red is fine, mainly neon, mainly pastel
  • Markings: Coon or ring tails.
  • Other closed/open Species not mentioned above
  • Maid,
  • Suicide\self  inflicted character(s),
  • One eyed beings: Three, two, none whatever is okay as long as it's not one. Eyepatches & Scars are fine
  • Sex appeal Nuns\Priests,
  • NFSW art that involves more than the one offered character(s),
  • Steven Universe\gemsonas
  • Splatoon
  • Basic Noodles or snake on a string
  • Character(s) of rape or that have liked rape 
  • dollmaker (very picky with these don't offer)
  • Gaiapixels is a no as to copyright stuff
  • Ai generated nope

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