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HELLO! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Welcome to my account- it's a very and I mean VERY safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ commuity, a little place for fellow queers!


  • This is a place of self expression so be forewarned
  • This toyhouse is still a work in progress and my progress is pretty slow ಠ◡ಠ
  • This account will most likely be for browsing to be honest
  • Stay safe and have fun!!


  • Give me character suggestions (go wild)
  • Make art of the characters (w/credit and permission of course- but no NSFW!)
  • Message me about an inquiry (note that I won't be able to reply immediately and that I'm a novice to toyhouse so I can't answer all ur questions!)
  • Comment on my profile (but keep it nice and friendly)


  • Copy / steal my characters (art theft is a no no)
  • Trace / Heavily reference my characters (getting some inspo is ok)
  • Claim ownership of my art (don't be that type of person)
  • Offer on characters that aren't marked/tagged/in folders for trade or offer

This account is mostly for a more mature audience so please read the warnings carefully, I don't want to make people uncomfortable with sensetive topics or triggering content that you might find on my account- proceed with caution! If you don't want to see the topics mentioned below, pls click off for your own good.


  • May contain themes such as homophobia/transphobia in some character stories
  • There might be triggering topics such as suicide or self harm
  • Societal problems such as racism, poverty, corruption, gender inequality, etc. might be mentioned
  • And just other NSFW or controversial things such as gore/horror or abuse/religious trauma might be found in these backstories or art


  • You're homophobic/transphobic/mysoginistic/racist/ableist- it will not be tolerated on this account and you will be receiving an immediate block
  • You're conservative/close-minded or agree with agenda/movements that are oppresive in nature and are harmful to marginalized communities
  • You're into lolis/p*[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected] and all other nasty things that should land you in jail (yes, EVEN fictional!)
  • You promote harmful culture or are a toxic person in general- I do NOT want you here!

Let this be the hall of shame! Pls help in maintaining a safe and positive environment or you might just catch yourself on this list. To the people who manage to see others steal/trace or claim any of the characters or art here, kindly give me a message- many thanks!! (*^U^)人(≧V≦*)/


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