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Welcome to my page! I don't know how you stumbled upon me, but I am glad you did! I have a few notes and warnings that might be good for you to read! You are not required to read them, but I will not take any responsibility for you being bothered by certain things in my profile if you have not read the warnings that I have written for that purpose. :)


  • I am Christian. If you have stigma against or a problem with my religeon then please do not come onto my page. I will not hesitate to block and report hateful comments. That being said, I will respect your religeon as long as you respect mine :)
  • My profile is beast viewed in the teal theme if you have custom css turned off, as that is what my viewing theme is set to.
  • There is a change that I have mild Asperger's syndrome so please bear with me if I forget or randomly key spam for no apparent reason other than I felt like it :)
  • Tone tags are helpful! But not necessary. I also occasionally use tone tags. If you would like me to use tone tags when I am talking with you, just let me know!


  • Draw my characters! It makes me super happy when I see someone liked my character enough to draw them!
  • Favorite + favorite spam + putting my characters in dreamie folders is all okay!
  • Feel free to drop a comment or shoot me a DM! If you prefer another website there are links on my profile!
  • Talk with me about my interests! I am also open to friendly debates as long as no one becomes offended.


  • Leave hateful comments on my profile or send hateful DMs.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE do not block me without having a discussion with me! I am perfectly willing to kindly discuss whatever I have done wrong!
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Most of my profile is very clean; otherwise individual characters will be marked with warnings. It is your choice to continue onto my profile and onto marked characters if you have a sensitivity to any of the content listed.

I will not have any NSFW or sexual/explicit content on my profile as I am a minor. Small amounts of crude language will not be tagged.


  • Bright colors
  • Minimal blood + gore / candy gore
  • Knives and other weapons (knives will be marked, weapons such as a bow and arrows will not)
  • Potential trauma; potential mental health issues + mental illnesses


  • You have stigma based on race, religeon, mental health, etc.
  • Pedophilles, zoophilles, etc. I do not think that is even remotely okay.
  • You will force your opinions on others. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
  • Other basic DNIs (groomers, NSFW accounts, creeps/trolls, etc.)

I will speak to you 99% of the time if you have wronged me in any way (obviously I won't if you have repeatedly harassed me or my friends). I am generally a very forgiving person and am willing to put minor missteps and mistakes behind me.


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