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 This profile is a whole story book, role-playing page, and shipping page. 

This includes, LGBTQ( Homosexual ships, asexual OCs, Bisexuals, and Homosexuals.)

(I do not hate on LGBTQ and race.)

Please do not think I have only white OCs because I dislike colors, it's because I can't draw colored OCs, and I'm learning how. ( Aka Asians, Blacks, Mexicans, etc) 

This is a profile of many stories, worlds, characters, ships(couples), and more. This also includes suicidal images, death scenes, blood, and sensitive content. 

If you start disliking my profile, just leave instead of hating on it, please. 

Do not take any credit for my ocs unless I give you some because you helped, because this causes false credit. 

This account holds over 50+ characters and still is growing due to my creativity and love for creating, If you want help on one of my characters, I can help for the payment of( Money, OCs, Art). 

I make many adopts but usually I go with the offer I like the most, not the overpaying one. 

I do not post sexual art ( only mild and that means hugging, kissing, and french kissing), so do not accuse me of sexual art. 

Each piece shall have a mild sexual warning to users that dislike kissing. 


- TheAlmighty240

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