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About Me :

Names Anarchy / Rayven im a 22 year old digital artist/Character designer.

I work full time, so I might not be able to always answer you! Please be advised my profile holds some adult content!!

Content Warnings :

  • Nudity / Sexual Themes and Content
  • Drugs / Drug use (Not advised)
  • Eye strain
  • Blood / Gore / Murder / Suicide / Self-Harm
  • Mental Illness

Don't Do This :

  • Trace / Steal Art
  • Use my Characters for Insperation / Copy / Eye Dropper / Mimic
  • Asking for Characters / Offering for Characters Outside my Trade Folder!
  • Dont Use my art/Characters for rps; profile icons; Rp NPCS, ETC.
  • Comment on Characters, Send me a DM here or on Deviantart/Email/Discord

You May :

  • Create Fanart/Gift art
  • Ask about Commisions they are normally always open
  • Offer Ideas/Helpful tips
  • ....
  • ....

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