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This profile will contain sensative topis like gore, suicide, nsfw, abuse and other things. Writing this stuff onto my characters is a outlet for me at times even if i didn't experience it first hand; i'll try to mark things appropriately but i worry about people stumbling onto triggering subjects. I DO NOT DO PINGS ON MY CHARACTERS (i do trade backs though, as long as you write in the characters profile that they are traded back to you.) I tend to be slow to reply. sometimes i get nervous/anxious or i forget to respond i'll try to reply but i worry about upsetting people (i overthink a lot.)

Please Do Not

  • Copy / Steal
  • Trace / Heavily reference
  • Offer on characters outside of 💔 folder
  • Draw NSFW of my underage characters

Content Warnings

  • gore
  • violence
  • nsfw
  • abuse

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