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Warning! Some characters here have upsetting content.

There may be some triggering character interactions, stories, bios, and images. Individual TW/CW warnings will appear on individual character pages respectively.  It should go without saying my characters and settings are fictional and do not reflect my own thoughts and beliefs. If you are concerned about anything that should be tagged better you may message me.

CW/TW may include, but are not limited to:

Sexual content


Miscellaneous dark content

Phobia triggers


Note: I have done my best to flag everything I can think to, but alas I am human, if I missed anything don't be afraid to let me know!

HEY! I'm in the middle of recoding some of my pages! Beware broken/unfinished code!!

If your page gives me a migraine because you use eyestrain/flashing images/excessive optical illusions I will block you. It's nothing personal, I just like not feeling like my head is splitting open :)

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