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Hi! Before you take a look at my characters, keep in mindĀ 


  • Please offer only for characters under adopts or make offers
  • Never ever draw any NSFW of my characters
  • If you are interested in a commision, message me privately
  • Don't be ask for free art, I don't do free art
  • Most of my characters are queer in some form, if this makes you uncomfortable, please leave
  • I do not tolerate any homophobia, racism, transphobia, or bullying someone for beliefs on my page, if you are one of these to me or someone else, you WILL get blacklistedĀ 
  • I am an atheist, but I allow all religious beliefs on this profile as long as your are not a jerk about it.
  • Use my pronouns, I know people trip up every once in a while, but it's not that hard.
  • No MAPS, I am a minor and want nothing to do with you
  • If you scam, trace, copy, or "heavily reference" You WILL get blacklisted
  • There is quite a bit of gore on this profile, you have been warned.

Thanks for your time!

(No one reads these lol)

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