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General Info

Hello! Thank you for visiting my characters!
Bear in mind that the vast majority of my profiles are largely works in progress and may include old or incorrect information. Additionally, detailed references may also not yet be present.
If you are drawing one of my characters, I highly encourage you to click the species link in their bio if one is present. These links contain information on species anatomy that may not be as easily conveyed in their images.

Content Warnings

Please note that these warnings are for content that is largely found in background information or stories rather than as explicit imagry.
I'll most often stick to writing about these themes or discussing them when discussing my characters.
My stories are very personal to me and much of this content involves things that I struggle with myself or that have played a part in my life that I want to explore.
I have tried to approach these themes with as much accuracy and respect that I can- but I am open to tweaking or changing things if I accidentally rely too heavily on stereotyped or incorrect information regarding things I do not personally experience. Feel free to shoot me a message if that is ever the case- I am happy to chat.

Trauma Survival and Healing Themes

Emotional Mistreatment And Abuse

Suicide Ideation and Attempts

Depression and Self Deprecation

Fantasy or Realistic Ableism

Self Destructive Tendencies

Cursing and Insults

Aggression and Violence

Alcohol Use

Death and Murder

Child Death or Abduction

Unethical Experiments

Fictional, Fantasy Cults

Dark or Crude Humor

Unsettling Themes or Imagry

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