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Hi, thanks for visiting my profile! Before you proceed, here are some general warnings you should heed.

I use my OCs as some sort of therapy, therefore almost all of them can be considered vent characters. This means I have characters who are abuse victims and some who have some sort of untreated mental illness(s). If this content for any reason makes you uncomfortable, please either skip reading said profiles or simply close the tab. 

I attempt to give a warning for any triggering content on specific profiles, please use them to protect yourself.


  • My characters / posted content is for my own use.
  • If you want to you can draw fan art - Please, NO NSFW.
  • Do not steal, copy from, or roleplay as any of my OC's.

Content Warnings

  • Artistic Nudity and General Nudity
  • Mild and Explicit sexual themes
  • TW for mentions of r*pe, tor*ure and ab*se for Marie

If you see anyone besides me using my character(s) or going against my rules, please contact me via my social media’s linked in my bio ASAP!

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