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Welcome to my corner of the web! This is where I collect OCs and develop their stories. Nothing else to it, really. I'm a pretty chill fella, I'd like to think, but I still have boundaries I wouldn't like crossed.


  • Don't do things you wouldn't want done to yourself, treat me with respect n' all that.
  • I buy characters here and there, but I'm not in the business of selling the ones I have - unless stated otherwise. All things for sale can be found in my Sales folder. I don't do pinglists, I don't do offers, I don't do character trades. Don't ask. Only assume so when specified explicitly by me.
  • I'm not a strictly NSFW/SFW artist, but any NSFW content is tagged to the best of my ability.
  • If you consider yourself an anti-"cringe culture" sort of person, you won't like my shit. Plain and simple.
  • Failure to adhere to my DON'Ts list means I may not be the nicest in response to you. Your call.
  • About me carrd. Commissions carrd.
  • Nuance and critical thinking when viewing my content is advised.


  • Make gifts/fanart/content of my OCs! No need to ask!
  • Ask me questions if unsure, relevant to my OCs, worlds, or me!
  • Be a respectful person <3


  • Copy/trace/claim ownership over my work
  • Interact in private if under 16
  • All manner of nonsense considered impolite to artists, generally
  • Give unsolicited criticism/critique
  • Offer on characters outside of my sales folder
  • Use any of my content for NFT shit

I'm not all doom and gloom, but sometimes my characters contain NSFL content. Or at least stuff you'll need a bit to stomach usually.


  • Have triggers? Probably shouldn't view my stuff for your safety.
  • I self-ship/oc x canon shamelessly. I'm fully cringe. Don't shame me for it. If you don't like it, leave.
  • Common themes I touch on with my characters: Organized crime, death and murder, violence, mental disorders, horrible people, religious themes, abuse, the afterlife, and the like.
  • I'm a HUGE fan of liminal spaces, and to some degree a bit of unreality.
  • I'm no stranger to discussing and creating violent characters with questionable ethics and morality, and many other topics. If you're not a fan of that, best click off.
  • My characters are all written as pure fictional discussions and explorations of tropes, ideas, and so on. They won't always represent my personal views, thoughts, or actions regardless of their attachment or labels.


  • You romanticise actual crime and criminals.
  • You're going to interact with me privately if you're under 16.
  • Pedo/"MAP"
  • Likes participating in drama or whatever bullshit. Not interested.
  • Idk just don't be weird and you'll be fine.


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