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Some of my characters' profiles, artwork and backstories contain sensitive or triggering topics that can be gory, explicit, NSFW, or morally loose. This content is not suitable for some viewers. Discretion is highly advised.

While these are present in my characters' backstories, art and profiles, it does not mean that I condone or support the acts or find them justifiable in any sense whether it is morally, legally, religiously and otherwise. Some of these are set to be parallel and accurate to actions and circumstances that happen in real life and are recreated as a means of fiction work and fiction work only. (i.e I dont support or condone IRL murders or abuse). If my content is not suitable for you, please feel free to block and mute my account. Thank You.

Please do not
  • Kin My Characters
  • Draw NSFW Content of My OCs without Permission
  • Roleplay as My Characters
  • Trace or Use Their Artworks
  • Copy or Heavily Reference Designs
  • Make Siblings or Relatives of My OCs
Content Warnings
  • Blood / Gore / Organs / Bones / Mutilation
  • Body Horror / Cannibalism / Death / Zombies
  • Slashers / Murder / Abuse / Stalking / Assault
  • Suggestive Themes / Nudity / Sexual Themes
  • Profanity / Drug Use / Alcohol Use / Violence
  • Knives / Guns / Self Harm / Weapons

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