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🍩 WARNING: There Be Fuckery Ahead
 🍩 READ ME 🍩 
General Warnings
  • I possess many character references where you can possibly see the followingGenitalia, Queer Identities, Intersex Characters, Nipples, Butts, Kink Play, Bondage, Monsters, Aliens, Robotics, Scantily Clad Stuff, Lingerie, Furries, Anthros, and Some Sexual Acts. 
  • I possess many characters who have the following in their backstories or biographies: Sex Work, Pornography, Violence, Graphic Content, Macabre Content, Mature Content, Alcoholism, Drug Use, Domestic or Sexual Abuse, and other like topics. 
  • If you are NOT of age to be discussing/viewing any of these topics, or able to consent to seeing such content, you should turn back immediately.
  • By entering my page, you understand that you may possibly see what is listed above.

  • If you are not +18, SCRAM! Do not come to my page or view my content if you are a minor. You are not welcome here.
  • Do not make offers on characters that are not listed under the following folders: For Sale / For Trade / Freebies  
  • Do not leave unrequested critique or unpleasent commentary on my page, characters, bulletins or otherwise. If I wanted it, I would ask for it.
  • TERFS, MAPS, Fascists, Racists, Queerphobes, and The Like can kick rocks. If you value any of those ideals, you have the wrong bitch and need to keep it moving.

  • Ye, I am open for commission! You can view my commission in my bulletins, along with my ToS and prices! 
  • No, I will not draw you any free artwork. Unless I have told you myself I am drawing you something for free, don't ask.
  • Yes, I'm really fucking gay and I love werewolves, gay alien robots, and donuts.

You May:
  • Use my artwork, creations, style, and such as inspiration and references. I'd be more than flattered and would love to see what you make! (In reference to making your own work. No Face Claiming or anything like that.)
  • Draw SFW of my Characters under all circumstances, and NSFW art with my Characters as long as you speak with me first!
  • Chat it up with me in DM's! If we have like interests I promise you we probably have plenty to talk about! :D

You May Not:
  • Copy, Repost, Steal, or Trace my artwork without and given permission or consent on my part. Try me. I've got the free time.
  • Make demeaning, deplorable, or unflattering content of my characters without my permission or consent. That shit stopped being funny in 2012.
  • Request that I make changes to my personal gallery, characters, creations, rules, ToS, or content that I produce. If you don't like it, bounce. There's plenty of other fish in the sea.

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