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  • In this account there is some NSFW characters and profiles and they have warnings added on them.
  • Characters here are NOT for sale, trade or have anykind of permission for use.
  • Profile includes comic project characters, anthro and ponies mostly.
  • If you see my characters somewhere else (not under "Volvom" nickname as example), please inform me immediately!
  • Do NOT trace, copy, sell or steal any of these characters here under this account. Also making kinsonas IS extremely NO NO! I don't like it at all, so please, leave my characters alone. 
  • Some characters belongs to in some sort of closed species, so respect that.
  • You can draw my characters doing almost anything, expect minor characters. Just ask if not sure.
  • DO NOT BE RUDE OR BLUNT WITH ME. SERIOUSLY. I can be your worst nightmare if you piss me enough.
  • Everything should be marked with proper warnings so venture ahead knowing you're protected to the best of my ability! If there is warnings missing, you're free to mention it to me and I fix the problem!


  • Gore art, horror material or information
  • Racistic information / racist characters in general (does not mean, that I support such thing!)
  • Sexual material and information
    • There's some porn in here! Including extreme, and possibly disturbing kinks.
    • Nude bodies, females and males, so if you're affraid of to see boobs or something, please, just move forward instead starting whining concert here.
  • Some characters may feature self harm or suicidal ideation, depression or other mental problems
  • Very troublesome/violent relationships


  • If you have painly butt, just leave. I don't have time to argue or tolerate with people who somehow got their asses hurt. I can understand term corrections (because honestly nowadays there is TOO many words and terms I don't remember or even understand), but being just gigantic shithead is not getting you anywhere.
    If you have problem with me, with my characters or so on, GO AWAY. Or block me, whatever pleases you.

If this is clear enough and you didn't get spooked~ 

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQblr7TvQ9wHzUip6e79L2Thank you~

OH! Also bad english here! Enjoy.   

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