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Do NOT look at my characters if you're sensitive to ANY of the themes listed below as I haven't gotten around to individually tagging each of them within their respected characters. Just because they're a part of my character's lives does NOT mean that I am trying to romanticizing these illnesses or support abuse. If you are upset with the way my characters reflect these problems, please let me know or point me in the right direction to find better resources! You're welcome to offer advice as I'm not looking to spread misinformation so long as you are polite about it. Sometimes my own research just doesn't cut it and I'm always willing to change things if they are harmful.

TW: Suicide, Death, Depression, Self harm, Rape, Abuse, Gore, Nudity, Body Horror, Sexual things, Eating disorders, mental disorders.


Please do not add my OCs to your "Dreamie" folders or anything of that sort, it makes me uncomfortable.

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Only if I'm streaming and/or ask you to post your OCs.

My trades are located on VrasTrades. Pm me here for offers.

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