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mbaaaaaaaaa stop uploading meow christophers his kawaii power is off the charts 3

Biar Rea mimpi indah hehe u_u๐Ÿ’– Met bobo Reaaa

DJDHDHS IYESS NGALONG eh itu km apdet lagi, bole ku komen2in ga siii gatel niy indah2 semwa :(


hey I just wanna say that the page dolls and the side bar menu collide and you basically cant click anything;;

Thank you very much for the feedback! Can you provide a screenshot? :o

I think the problem will solve if you zoom out the browser to 90%! ^^


And my laptop & browser are on 100%(?) screensize/zoom which is the recommended size !

Thank you again for the reply! I may have to adjust the width/height for them and make it into % instead of px orz

I really need this kind of feedback, so thank you very much for the input! ๐Ÿ˜†โœจ

yw! Still a beautiful profile though!

omg hello again, just saw your pinkblueย boys on skeb the artwork is so beautiful!!!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’“ im obsessed!!!ย 

sdfdhfjdskfsl THANK YOU!! ;;v;;

Tbh I just saw the artwork as well after I saw your comment and I'm like SJDSFKFSJKFSHFSKL Thank you for letting me know!!

And aaaaaa I think so too!! I know I kept saying thank you (I can't help it sshhjfksf) but THANK YOU for liking my boys!! It made me really happy!

I'm looking forward to more art of Syplis and your other OCs too!!๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

ahh so it was a lil surprise!!! your skebs are all so cool... i recognized your ocs right away cos their designs are so iconic! :p ๐Ÿ’“

thank you for subbing omg youre too kind~ im getting a skeb of syplis soon actually heheh >:3c

also!! did you write all your requests in japanese? *__*

aaaaa you know very well compliments will bring you everywhere! www

Thank you, Peppy๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

I'd say the same with Syplis! Even when I see a similar design, I will always get back to Syplis because his design is already attached in my head! xD

So I'm really looking forward to more Syplis content!

And yes! I understand basic Japanese, so my request are mostly in Japanese! ^^

Although I was asking for my OCs to enjoy being an audience of a concert rather than the one performing for my last Skeb, but I'm glad even when it deviated from my initial request/what I had in mind, the result was still went beyond my expectations! I love it a lot ;;v;;

Hello!! I'm acutally currently making a boy group too haha maybe they can be idol friends? :DD so far i only have hao lol but its a 7-person group!- btw did you draw your pfp on the th profile? its so cute!!!! (the user code) also do you wanna do an art trade haha

Thank you for your interest! I also have an OC called Hao! (Although he isn't a musician) And sure, we can talk it out and make them friends! I would like to know more about your OCs and we can develop their relationships from there :D Unfortunately, I don't make my PFP. It's done by kurosakura on deviantart. This is what my art look like: https://toyhou.se/5660964.yasuhiro-yukiya/gallery#21961789 However, I currently have a list of people I owned for ATs. I'll consider getting back to you once I'm finished with all of them, though! ^^

OO your art is pog haha cant' wait! and if you wanna check the group out its under the folder ONEX!! Do you have a discord lol~ย 

Yeah, sure! My Discord is Wafanic#0684. Feel free to chat with me, but I might only reply once I have free time due to work (usually around 6 PM GMT+7) if that's alright with you? And I already read some of them! Can't wait to know more of them! ^^

tysm for the fav ; v ; i love your precious pinkblue duo boys!!!! they're so well loved and well designed! <3

aaaa thank you very much!! That means a lot to me ;v; I also adore Sylpis so much! Both of his design and personality is really intriguing! I hope to know more about him! ^u^/

YOURE SO KIND GKJHFKJHGJHGJ ; o ; <3 thank you soooo much!!! syppy would give ya the biggest hug ever ^___^ he'd be so honored to hear that!

Love your gallery! Your boys have so much art OuO I can tell they are very loved and spoiled!

Thank you! And yes! I love to spoil them because I love them very much! xD