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Posted 4 months, 26 days ago by Waltz

I haven't seen a lot of postings come up about it because I assume most folks have been especially overwhelmed this year, but I'm gonna try giving AF a go again this year!

No team yet because I missed the prereg period but I'll snag one as soon as the site is back up. (The teams don't matter much to me though  :D)

Follow me when it's available if you like, and lmk if I'm not following you yet too!


Crossed Animals!

Posted 7 months, 16 days ago by Waltz

Hello hello, how is everyone holding up these days? I hope everyone is safe and as comfortable as you can be right now.

Things are super weird so like lots of folks I've been diving hard into AC! If anyone is looking to swap items or can catalog me some things, here is some stuff I'm currently passively looking for- 


If you link me your wishlist in turn I can trade for items, or pay in bells or Nook miles items (limited)!

Cute and Kickass Gacha Customs!

Posted 9 months, 3 days ago by Waltz

How y'all doin? A little signal boost for your Sunday evening (or Monday, good morning to my opposite hemisphere folks!)

My buddy Moongeist has opened some super cute, crazy affordable gacha style customs (check out the samples for a cute horned kid you might see uploaded here soon ;D). They're taking 10 slots at a time, so get em while they're hot! 🔥


Stories and Settings and... something, oh my!

Posted 10 months, 4 days ago by Waltz

Do you tend to read setting info, when provided?

19 Votes Yes
1 Votes Not really
3 Votes Only if it's short

So for a while I've been wanting to sit down and write a small directory of the settings/stories I've been playing around with currently, partly so I can start developing some of them more, but before I worry too much about formatting and such, I'm wondering if this is something that anyone would actually have any interest in reading? Are there any settings of mine that anyone has had any curiosity about at all? If so, which ones would you like to see more written up about first?

A brief overview of most of my settings featuring uploaded characters:

Southern Rock - Modern world AU with punk monsters! Lowkey setting with a sprawling set of characters

Plains Melody - A river-dwelling demigoddess and her followers and their associates

Scrape - Kemonomimi in ruined city in the desert in a post apocalypse

Vista - Generic fantasy setting features mages and royals

Academie - Teachers and students of Rozel Academie, a small school of magic tucked away in the woods

Door to Eikyos - An empire has fallen and a region is destabilized. A collection of lady warriors rival each other in battle in search of an ancient treasure to restore balance and claim glory for their lands

Komorebi - Generic Eastern fantasy with lowkey magic

Alfeid - A fantastical city in the desert where knowledge is currency and people look to the stars

Century - A steampunk city of inventors, of demons and humans and everything in between

Cilento - Medieval fantasy... now with furries!

Loam and Sun - Hunters living in an isolated village, visited by strange traders from abroad

My King - The trials of a djinn, trapped in service to a despotic king by his own folly

The Dead Country - A shadow of an old kingdom, now ruled over by a dark and shadowy queen and her few cursed subjects, and the elderly warrior who wishes to free it from her grasp

The Reef - Underwater ppl... honestly idk man

Galaen - Temp name for semi-retired setting. A city of artificers and the lifelike golems they craft

Goddess Phenomenon - Czylph-centric setting. The tales of a pair of dueling goddesses, as those who serve them.

The Grand Caldera - Fantasy sky pirates!! A story taking place in the clouds, on and between a series of shifting, floating continents

Slayer - A demon-blooded demonhunter roams the streets of a dark and gritty city

Sweets Cafe - A cute and chill setting for cute kemonomimi

Demonstuff - Old shared setting, brutal fantasy centered on a demonic race

Rakku - Urban fantasy with non-human races in an 18th century nordic-esque setting. The love story of a young man looking for his purpose and the gruff old craftsman he befriends

Space gfs (not uploaded) - A space diva and the infamous bounty hunter with whom she's carrying on a secret affair

Duke (not uploaded) - A former deity of Light now embracing Darkness and presiding over a shadowy domain. But there is more to her turn of allegiance than it seems...

Happy New Year!!

Posted 10 months, 26 days ago by Waltz

Hope everyone had a great holiday, and wishing you all a fabulous new year! 

The TH Traveler~

Posted 11 months, 18 days ago by Waltz

Hi all! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Just popping in to share with y'all a cute little game that's been around TH for a bit now.

The ToyHouse Traveler is a little guy who, intentionally, can't seem to stay in any one person's line-up for very long! He travels from world to world, writing down his experiences in his journal.

I was in possession of the Traveler this week (you might've caught the art I uploaded for him with me girl Rhine!). He's now moving on to his next home, but I wanted to bring him to everyone's attention if anyone else would like to play!

The thread with the game rules and the queue is here. I'll forewarn that the game has a slow speed, and the Traveler seems to get lost from time to time (it's been about 10 months since my original claim!), but if you think it's something you'd like to participate in down the line, I def recommend jumping in now!

And of course, here's the Traveler himself o/ - https://toyhou.se/2602651.the-toyhouse-traveler-

Check Out Celeste Academy!

Posted 1 year, 4 days ago by Waltz

Hi friends! How has everyone been doing? Time for my annual self-promo post, aha~

My friends over at Studio Élan, a studio specializing in GxG visual novels and other WLW content, have been running a monthly fantasy romance series on their Patreon called Celeste Academy. Celeste follows the adventures of Carida, a senior and student of the magical culinary arts at the titular Academy, on a quest from the love witch to find her soulmate--via online dating??

Every month is featured a date with someone Carida has met through Wondr, an magical dating app, chosen by the readers' votes. Each date is written by a different author, and this month's date, a rendezvous with a mysterious girl named Lulina, was written by yours truly! ;)

As of this month, all of the dates and the accompanying preludes are publicly available for everyone to view, so please do check them out! (And if you enjoyed my girl, let me know! ;D)

Celeste Intro Post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/celeste-academy-27311887
Pre-Date Poll/Profiles: https://www.patreon.com/posts/celeste-academy-30974778
A Date with Lulina: https://www.patreon.com/posts/celeste-academy-31736467

(Previous Celeste posts here!)

Weekly Adopt Round-Up!

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by Waltz

Since most of you probably don't follow me on DA, I thought I'd share this here! Though I'm currently cutting down on my own character collection, I still enjoy browsing what new kids are around, and I often end up finding a lot of hidden gems buried around DA's adopts tags. So, to help share these finds, I've started doing a quick weekly roundup for some of my faves!

Since I assume that most folks who follow me here have at least somewhat similar tastes to mine (and all of the ones I feature are of my typical tastes ^^;), I hope some of these interest you as well!

Two entries are currently up:

- July 28
- July 20

I hope to do these as often as I have time to, so feel free to follow me on DA if you're curious to see more! (I don't post very frequently these days, so it'll mostly be these currently.)

Ciao for now!


Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by Waltz

I'm gonna actually try it this year. Applied to Team Nightmare because it sounds cool but I'm not pressed either way ^^; Come follow! <3


Happy Lesbian Day of Visibility!

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by Waltz

Happy LDOV, all! In ironically unfortunate timing I'm back from my trip across the globe now, which means that I've also had to leave my gf Firo behind   I think I've more or less managed to keep up with my messages, but if there's anyone I haven't gotten back to about anything, please do drop me a line!

But, on a more upbeat note, in honor of the day, since I think that at least some of y'all follow me for my characters (I hope, haha), I wanted to share some of my fave lesbian OC couples!

Aibel & Moebius


Captain Aibel, better known to enemies as the Deepstalker, is a sky pirate captain of great renown, head of a large fleet of vessels and a vast illicit enterprise. Captain Moebius (belonging to my good bestie Duressian!) is the head of a small time smuggling crew, who had the misfortune to break into Aibel's flagship vessel, the Maiden's Kiss, thinking it belonged to a hapless noble. Moebius was captured but through some trickery survived, and the two began to grow intimate--enough so that when Moebius's true identity was uncovered, she was permitted her life, in exchange for service to Aibel. The two continue to share a somewhat adversarial relationship, but find some pleasure in each others' company (and beds).

(Aibel & Marisol)

When on her home turf, Aibel carries on a casual relationship with a young woman named Marisol, a girl with few talents but enough sweetness and bravery to inspire fondness in the otherwise stoic captain. Rumour has it that she only retains her spot on the crew because of her position as the captain's consort. Those rumours are probably true, but Marisol is happy with her life either way.

Mogwa & Cipa


Mogwa, the Mercurial, is a Czylph of vast power and influence, governing over illusory domains. She is fickle and oftentimes cruel, but she has many devotees--and enemies. A particularly persistent enemy of hers was a shape shifting creature by the name of Cipa, who coveted Mogwa's powers, and sought to steal from her whenever it could, failing miserably to grave injury time and again. When at last Cipa truly perished, however, through the persistence of its spirit and the luck of timing, it was reborn into a Czylph itself. Now with the power and standing to truly challenge Mogwa, Cipa, the Reborn, came back to face her. She is still truly no match, but Mogwa is amused by her, and a passion began to blossom. To this day, the two remain locked in a dangerous dance.

Marjani & Fiam


A pair of so-called demons from a land governed by their race, Marjani and Fiam are a pair of crafters, living in one of the most influential territories in their region. Fiam is a blacksmith, a disgraced member of the warrior caste who yearns for battle, but is shunned by her own blood because of superficial defects of her birth. Marjani (belonging to Firo!) is a tattoo artist and carver of horns, an extreme but popular form of body modification, with an overfondness for sharp blades. The two met largely by chance, but they care deeply for each other, raising two children--one borne by Fiam, one adopted--together.

Dree & Immabel


In the pages of the early history of goth-punk band Strangeh8, you'll find note of a relationship that was often rumoured about, but cut sadly short. Dree, a guitarist and auto mechanic, and founding member of the band, fell head over heels for Immabel, better known as Mab, a then student of engineering who came on as the band's first permanent bassist. The two were crazy about each other for the time they were together, but unfortunately life got in the way when Mab was offered a dream job in another state, and made the difficult choice to leave both her girlfriend and the fledgling band behind. Despite this, the two remain good friends, and often keep in touch.

Luen & Horia


Luen the Soundless is a mage of great power. One of the three known as the 'Cursed Trio,' she was born without hearing, but in exchange wields magic that is vastly sought after. Horia is a mage conduit, an indirect magic user who serves primarily to support other mages by helping them to draw power out of the environment. The pair, though lovers, spend a fair deal of time apart due to varying missions, but when they are together, Horia serves as Luen's conduit, as well as her interpreter. The pair are very close, and either would gladly give their life for the other.

Ginga & Tilia


Rasalas Gingaria, better known as Ginga, is a wandering self-proclaimed knight with a skill and reputation that often precedes her. Valiant and dashing, she is the awe and envy of many. One of her greatest rivals is the former head knight of the Queen's Guard, Tilia Evarasc, who lost her court and her position when political turmoil overtook the land. Though Tilia fights mainly to restore the glory of the family she once served, Ginga fights only for honor and her own glory, and the two often find themselves at odds. However, is the fire between them truly one of contempt? Or is there something deeper beneath it?

[A] & [B]


A pair from a former game idea of mine, which has been sitting on the back burner for a while, who I never got a chance to name. One day, a grave tragedy befalls [B], and it's up to [A] to rescue her, before she is lost, body and soul. For her love, [A] will brave even the fires of Hell.

...and those are all my highlights for now! Or at least those who I currently have enough to talk about and cute art to share, haha

Which of these gals do you like? And who are some of your favourite lesbians? I want to see them all! :D