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  • Some of my characters have many sensitive topics, such as ¬†murder, violence, abuse, rape, self harm, human trafficking, cannibalism,¬† etc. I try my best to have warnings on said characters who have these sensitive topics!! Though I advice if any of these topics upset you on a certain character and it's not your cup of tea for personal reasons, please feel free to block said character or myself! I do not mind one bit! I do NOT agree or condone ANY of these behavior and NEVER plan too!
  • As an add on, some character pages may contain disturbing or flashing gifs or pictures, I will also be tagging characters with such material on their profiles for those sensitive towards flashing lights.
  • ANY 21+ of age characters will be labeled as AGELESS, any character who is a minor or under the age of 21 will have their age on their profile as well with the tag "Minor".

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