3. Memento Mori

A vague name for my vague Deaths lore. 

Deaths' homeworld (The Archipelago Plane) contains seven islands (atolls) that form a cicle: Dotoll, Retoll, Mitoll, Fatoll, Soltoll, Latoll and Sitoll. There're also the giant orbs of Sun and Moon, that go around the atolls and can be reached from the highest peaks of Dotoll and Retoll, respectively. They're inhabited by solar and lunar animals that glow in the dark and illuminate everything.


The Deaths come into the world looking like a shapeless puddle of black goo and have no mind of their own at first. They just follow whatever they find fascinating in their primitive consciousness, imitating and learning from everything around them. As decades and centuries pass, they realize that humans attract them the most. Eventually, a Death chooses a human they're attached to and follows them, either revealing themselves in one form or another or staying a stalking shadow.

However, they aren't aware of their place in life, until the time comes for their human to die. They have to take the life from their body with their own hands and realize their purpose. In honor of their beloved human companion, a Death usually imitates the looks of the deceased, making it their "default" appearance from now on. 

A grieving Death, shocked with the loss of their human and the tragic revelation of their nature, can be extremely dangerous. Almost every one of them goes through this "period of instability", the consequences of which range from harmless to disastrous, until they learn to accept their and everyone's loss.

Eventually, seven Deaths formed a circle, a "family" of their own, which was quite unusual at the time. They created a floating island and reside there, becoming the most well-known Deaths and bringing some order into the usual chaos of the reaping. 

They find the new Deaths and help them manage their grief and instability, accepting to their family anyone who's willing to cooperate. When they aren't busy with that or their regular job of guiding people to the afterlife, they enjoy visiting the humanity (including other worlds) in various disguises and slightly messing things us.

Despite the grim nature of their job, the Deaths merely abide to the rules of their world. Many Deaths aren't exactly thrilled about that, but have to accept it as a part of the life cycle. The humanity's undying desire to keep struggling and moving on is what attracts their weird aimless souls in the first place.

Make the best with what you're given; this ain't dying, this is living.


  • My Chemical Romance - Dead!
  • Good Charlotte - Once Upon A Time: The Batttle Of Life And Death
  • Good Charlotte - A New Beginning
  • Good Charlotte - Movin' On
  • Travis - Side
  • Abney Park - Until The Day You DiehQ9bfs.png