Sale & Trade


  • No holds.
  • Prices listed as is, if not they’re for trade only.
  • I no longer consider payment plans.**
  • All payments through PayPal via an invoice. Payment due within 24 hours.
  • 3-way trades are fine!
**If I have done business with you before I may reconsider, however please just come back when you have the full amount since unfortunately too many people have ghosted me for payments.

[Art Offers]

  • I’ll accept artwork if you can draw humanoids, dragons, or dinosaurs. See my characters to get an idea.
  • Please show samples, how many you’re offering, and a general turnaround time.
  • I prefer quantity over quality.
  • I am picky with styles, realism is not my cup of tea, unfortunately. 

I’m not interested in character trades, no exceptions. (I’ve been trying to cut down on OCs)