Sale & Trade

* No holds.
* Prices listed as is, if not they’re for trade only.
* I do a 2-week payment plan max for characters $250+.
* All payments through PayPal via an invoice. Payment due within 24 hours.
* 3-way trades are fine!

* Customs and Make-Your-Own do not interest me since I prefer pre-made designs.
* Please don’t offer me characters that I can’t sell when wanting to rehome, I don’t like being stuck in a trade-loop only.
* Anyone here is an auto-accept depending on who you're offering on:
* DO NOT OFFER: canines, cats, equines, humans, furries with flat faces, multi-limbed or eyed critters, or simple OCs that can be duplicated by coincidence.

* I prefer digital art only with exception of physical crafts.
* Post examples, how many you are offering, and an estimated time of completion.
* 1 month is given for completion unless discussed otherwise due to many art pieces, if I’m not updated after a month I will cancel the trade.

* I prefer quantity over quality! Toony styles interest me the most since realism doesn’t quite match my characters.