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gotta watch out for the bing bong


thats u trynna help me not attract the hunters right away

your art is so rad ;3; 

Thank you so much <3

No doubles.


Go back to kindergarten, shorty

Please help. The white haired lady is trying to break me. I don't know what to do anymore. It's been several days since I have slept or even eaten. She watches my every move and I know not why. I live in constant fear. She threatens me daily and if I do not escape this harassment, I fear I will meet my immanent demise.


a lost lizard captive by a scary lady with a gun.

I'll be letting the captain know about your circumstances.

We are sending this email regarding your financial student loans. Please reply to this email within the next 47 hours or your hairline will immediately recede to the furthest point until even Dr. Phil himself cannot save you from your fate. 

Thank you,

The Lord of Pipes.

Have you been messing with the pipes again... You're not getting away with it this time stop tryna distract me

Are you open to Designtrades?

My apologies I'm not looking for design trades at the moment ! o>

Ehm. I wanted to thank you for the character!♥️ I will take good care of him!!! 

You're very welcome !
I'm glad the character is in good hands o> ♡

Its me again! I wanted to ask if you would be interested in an art trade sometime? ✨

I'm up to draw almost everything. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Max I can do is a fullbody scene with a semi detailed background




Hey !

Yes I would absolutely wanna do an art trade with you ! Might take a bit time as I'm trying to put my focus to finish my commissions first but as soon as I'm done with that I'd love to do a trade with you 0:

Your art is absolutely gorgeous o>

I usually prefer doing halfbody/bust so I can offer something like that without a background, I'm not really good with backgrounds

I can understand that! I would also like to take my time with your art because I wanna make sure it looks extra nice and polished! A halfbody sounds great! ❤️❤️

I'm currently trying to decide who I would like to see in your artstyle more. Do you have anyone specific in mind who I should draw?

Thank you for understanding !

Hmm I will have to think about it and I'll let you know once I decide who I'd like you to draw 

But let me know who you want me to draw as soon as you figure it out too o>

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Nooo that was a gift pls it's all gud don't worry bout it o>
Save up for some other stuff ya wanna buy !

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Dfgdzcbb its so cute....thank you ♡

And it's my pleasure o/

No worries, thank you for the interest tho ! o>

we love you boyo

Love y'all too dummy



your art style is so fantastic

Makes me happy to hear ya think so, thank you very much ! o>

Can you add me to the ping list?

Yes of course ! 

Only for the free adopts or all ?

Honestly, all of you could. If it makes it easier than please do what makes it easier for you. :)

TYSM for the gift!!💕💕💗

You're welcome !