Ziel's Bulletins

How Lapis and Jasper Met

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by Ziel

Lapis and Jasper met when Jasper was about to get into a fight - another Ren was making fun of Jasper for not understanding something they thought was very simple, and Jasper charged them. Lapis got between them, at first protecting the bully Ren, but Jasper was quick to blurt that they just didn't understand why the other was making fun of them when they were asking a question - causing Lapis to quickly turn on the bully. Intimidated by the powerful stormy Ren, the bully ran, but not before getting a stern talking to.

Dracostryx AU - "The Gang"

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago by Ziel

This is a little "masterlist", if you will, for the characters I use as riders/handlers for my Dracostryx, and their personalities/stories within the stryx universe! This is mainly for reference for anyone doing art of my stryx/their riders.


All characters have references for the size of themselves compared to the general size of each stryx species linked at the end of their character description. PLEASE use this when drawing them with their stryx, as their heights vary drastically! (Leiz is a tiny 5'3", Ziel is a giant 8")

Leiz - Head Handler
Main handler, trainer, and breeder. Usually uses a gymnastic shoulder-riding saddle, but reverts to a neck-riding saddle for larger stryx (harpias and larger). Works for Ziel, but isn't an active part of his gang outside of taking care of their stryx. He's a genuinely good guy. 
Rides ANY stryx! Main stryx: DorroSaeina, Sorran, Sonny, Yennea
Tyson - Secondary Handler
Helps Leiz with the stryx since he's considerably stronger (and bigger), and also acts as his bodyguard, running to his aid whenever needed. Not very talkative. Definitely has a soft spot for Leiz. (NOTE: Tail is longer and donkey-like with a black tuft.)
Rides ANY stryx! Main stryx: Hurai, Soraeia, Scorn, Ember
Royal Gold AKA "Roy" - Nox/Snow Rider
Ziel's "pet", Roy is a gigantic, narcissistic bully, and very demanding. Originally saved from the slave trade, Ziel knew he'd never survive out in the real world given he wasn't taught any essential skills... that, and he was rather attractive. Ziel agreed to take care of all of his needs as long as he did (some) work for him. Roy is very picky with the stryx he'll ride, and tends to stick to Nox stryx, and sometimes, Snow stryx.
Rides the following stryx: Duskeye, Nightwing, Brigand, Sorran
Ziel - Gang Leader + Harpia Rider
The actual owner of the stryx Leiz looks after. He's the gang boss, but he genuinely loves all of his stryx. He usually only rides his Harpias, as he's a bit large to ride tytos or corvas if they want to be able to carry anything else. Not as horrible as his reputation paints him, he mainly targets other criminals and corrupt officials. This doesn't mean he won't beat the crap out of you if you rub him the wrong way, though.
Can ride ANY stryx, but MOSTLY: Meteor StrikeRueneia, Scorn