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Hey About Artfight-

Posted 2 months, 16 days ago by _exxus_

I sure as hell hope the money they get from merch is used to fixed their servers

Like seriously you've had an entire year to fix or improve your servers and its still just shitting itself constantly?? 

Perhaps I am just very entitled when it comes to this stuff but like, come on


I am on team dream this year and will be absent most of the final splatfest. 

Meet The User/Artist

Posted 6 months, 28 days ago by _exxus_

I wanted to do this primarily as a main directory on my profile in terms of personal content!


Yup, that's me. 

Name: Tobias 

Age: 17

Pronouns: She/Her

Preferred Gaming Console: Nintendo Switch

Favorite Gaming Series: Splatoon

Smash Main: Kirby

Mario Kart Main: Inkling/Rosalina 

Ethnicity: Jewish 

Collections: Amiibo, Faux Eyes

Please do not ask me to list off my mental/physical illnesses, that is a violation of my privacy. If I mention it in passing, leave it in passing please!!

Now some stamps <3



Valentine's Customs

Posted 7 months, 4 days ago by _exxus_

Hey squids!

I'm making valentine's customs on my base later tonight for mutuals/friends and stuff! Yes they're free ghsgs

If you want one and you aren't sure if I would already make one for you, feel free to comment below asking for one!!

I'll try to have them done by 8pm tomorrow but who knows with my wrist LOL...

They won't be great but they'll be lovecore inspired and stuff!

If there's any specifications you want let me know! <3

More Life Updates

Posted 7 months, 11 days ago by _exxus_

So, here we are once more

As I've been for the past few years, I  am still underweight, and lately I find it hard to be able to stomach  anything I eat. This is probably due to anxiety. 

I haven't slept  much for a bit either - My mental health has taken a sharp turn towards  awful, and I've been hallucinating rather frequently. This makes minor  tasks, such as drawing, preparing dinner, bathing, and even sleeping  nearly impossible. 

How I act over a screen does not reflect my  true mental state, as I can change what I say. I can re-visit my words  before anyone else can see them. Please remember that. I'm pretty suicidal, and have been for the past week. 

My  ocs are still UFO- but I'm more tentative. I would like to stay alive,  despite everything, and keep most of what I own. But I still accept  offers. 

Thanks for reading and understanding. 

Life + Health Updates

Posted 7 months, 24 days ago by _exxus_

Hey!! I thought since I've been through.... Alot physically lately I should definitely give an update as to how I'm surviving. 

My physical health is still really fucking horrible - I can't breathe half the time I'm in school and the fact that half of the kids here keep smoking in the damn bathroom doesn't help!! (I have to share an inhaler with my sister, but she has it worse than me so unless I'm on the ground wheezing I can survive, as miserable as it is)

However my dental surgery was botched, hence why I was in so much pain for weeks - the fillings were uneven and I couldn't close my mouth! They drilled them further so I'm feeling alot better in that aspect.

In terms of the parasites, I'm currently Giardia free! I got medication and my cats managed to get treated before I did :'D But I'm still glad that I don't have them anymore oof

Even though I got two issues fixed, I'm still really underweight and my breathing issues have got worse, so I get to go to the doctor next month about those things. 

Block Purge and Stuff + More Apologies,

Posted 8 months, 3 days ago by _exxus_

Hi my name is Toby and I do stupid shit

Basically I had a shitton of people blocked for... Reasons I don't know, and people blacklisted for literally... No reason

Unless someone is added to my blacklist I do not have them blocked anymore, and I have edited my blacklist as well!

Anyways yeah I throw a fit whenever random people block me due to... Honestly, alot of factors that I could write a book about. 

For now, I'll leave it at my borderline personality disorder. Which isn't an excuse by any means; just an explanation why I get so upset and pissy over being blocked by randos. It's honestly also because I'm fuckin immature and shit

From now on imma try to get over myself? As in, if they haven't literally tried to fuck me over, I won't care. 

If you block me outta nowhere there's no way that I'm just gonna be super happy with it but I'm working to not be so shitty over it (Unless ur like... a friend/mutual LOL)

Btw im working on the parasite thing and have a doctors appointment soon for that and other things.... wish me luck

Small Life Update

Posted 8 months, 7 days ago by _exxus_

In case I stop being active on here, I feel like people need to know what’s going on with me, because it’s not laziness. A lot of really bad things have been happening with my body physically, so if you are squeamish to tooth trauma / parasites / eating disorders you should stop reading as the following information will make you upset

Basically, my physical health has never been great. When I lived with my biological mother she would give me many medical issues for the sake of cosmetics; and many moons ago she fused two of my back teeth together. 

When I went to a dentist about my issues, they were honestly fucking confused but the teeth that were artificially fused together were breaking apart, and hence the filling that held them together was digging into my gums. Yeah, ouch. I went through surgery, then got fillings, and was given another hefty diagnosis of gingivitis. Eating anything is a painful ride for me. TLDR; I can’t eat. 


The above image is when my stupid ass who was completely numb and on whatever drugs they gave me for surgery was in the process of getting fillings. Please don’t ask why the fuck I took a selfie; I wish I knew. 

But this was a week ago. Fast forward to today. 

I own and or care for about ten cats overall. Some need my attention more often than others. My household did however recently adopt two more cats; one of which had Giardia. 

Note that I have been suffering from anorexia since I was 12 years old, and that physically being unable to eat was already a huge issue. Even after the surgery it is hard to consume anything, especially liquids. 

Now, I have contracted Giardia. Which makes everything ten times worse because my worst fucking fears are parasites. I have cried a lot today.

I will not die and I will receive treatment when it can be afforded; but this does not mean I will be completely stable physically. I will, and have, lose more weight because of this. I worry that I have become too thin to function; I cannot make it up a few flights of stairs without feeling like I will pass out, I cannot lift above 20 pounds, and disgustingly, all of my bones poke out from my body. 

I’m honestly scared. 

I’m sorry if I act moody, or have acted moody lately. I am trying to keep to myself best I can in terms of actual communication with others, so nobody is actively harmed because of my poor mood. 

I don’t actively feel sorry or remorse for most things at this time; when I do I will put out an apology towards those I may have wronged. 

Thanks for reading. Gods bless. 

Nick Updates + Apology

Posted 8 months, 8 days ago by _exxus_

Alrighty kiddos here's a brief update with Nick first since I assume that's what you all are here for

While I work out changes in his story, his character has been made private. All stories involving Nick are now permanently private. 

Nick will no longer have to suffer through sexual assault and slavery, as those two things were really a way to vent my experiences through the character, as my experiences as a young child made me feel as though I was a slave to other's fantasies. 

From here on out, I am trying to make him into his own person. 

Now for the apology about everything about him. 

It is without a doubt fucked up that I vented through him in the manner that I did for the past two years, and yeah, I understandably got alot of shit for it, because the whole story was really horrible in terms of sexual assault and things of the same serious nature. 

I do not regret writing it; it helped me cope while I underwent therapy for PTSD. I regret making what I wrote public. 

I regret letting anyone other than me read it and basically shoving it into the faces of others solely because I wanted validation.

But also... Fuck some of you guys. Fuck some literal adults who saw my trauma and pain in what I wrote and treated me like shit for it. 

It was, without a doubt, really fucked up. But seriously? 

Anyways... That's that on that.

My Gacha Shop Is Now OPEN!

Posted 8 months, 9 days ago by _exxus_

Check it out here! The starting price is $2!

Small Poll for Gijinka Gatcha

Posted 8 months, 10 days ago by _exxus_

Would you be interested?

4 Votes Yes
0 Votes No
1 Votes Maybe/Tenative

If I made gatcha style gijinka adopts for nintendo franchises and food, would anyone be interested? Also, would there be any other gatchas you guys would like to see?

Current Gatcha Ideas:

-Pokemon Gatcha 

-Kirby Gatcha 

-Splatoon Gatcha

-Animal Crossing Gatcha

Prices would start at $2 per roll :0c