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see you at ota!

Posted 16 days, 20 hours ago by _featherweather

I'll be going.  No idea what I'll be doing but I'll be wearing my Sakura ita jacket and/or a gray messenger ita bag 

tl;dr looking to commission artists who are boothing at Ota for some art in a lulzy "All art in this panel was drawn by people in the artist alley run and check out their other stuff now!" 

Longer version - I can't get into my old presentations for my panels so I'm making a new one and decided to commission new art for it anyways instead of just grabbing stuff after asking if I can use it so lmao

Please be comfortable drawing maid dresses 😂

*walks in late with tea*

Posted 7 months, 10 days ago by _featherweather

Happy new year th! May 2022 be good and the only negatives you get are cocos tests (and STI tests. And pregnancy tests if you aren't looking to have a baby) 

Guess I missed the first wave or non-fungible token bs. I cannot be asked to go auth only right now on this account but know that I don't authorize any of my OCs to be minted and most of the artists I have commissioned do not allow it either via their TOS. If you ever see one fo my babies in those nft auction sites it's not me. Hmu if you can.

For 2022 in gonna clean up my accounts and work on proper profiles

fuck discord

Posted 9 months, 14 hours ago by _featherweather

the long version is here but the tl;dr is discord is fucking incompetent and i'm never getting my account back, nor all the notes and data and everything else.

i really fucking hoped i saved every com that people delivered to me via discord but fuck it, that's five fucking years gone

not like i'm really active here anyways but i'm probably going to be even less active now. was really hoping to get access back into my server where i put my character info but that ship fucking sailed. 

PSA: Discord Has Been Hacked!

Posted 10 months, 17 days ago by _featherweather

hey folks, my discord (along with some other users like melliex) got hacked!

if i'm in your server / on your friend list, please do NOT respond to any message that is coming from _featherweather#0108!

working on getting it backed, if you need me, twitter will probs be a better option 

edit; whelp still hoping to get _featherweather back but in the mean time, i have an alt discord you can hit me up on. feel free to DM for it

big 3-0

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by _featherweather

Happy birthday to me i guess lol 

Happy 4th!

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by _featherweather

To fellow Americans, have a great 4th of July. Stay dry and safe! 

To everyone else, here's hoping Americans don't fuck something up today

This is going to be fun, let's see if it will embed. Otherwise, here's the link to my little game!

it's still a work in progress but it's cute and you should probably recognize some of the characters!

need someone to make sure my old account got delete as requested! my account was @ http://artfight.net/~Feather--weather and i just wanna make sure it's wiped   

edit; awesome sauce, thank you everyone who checked!

still alive btw :D

anyways someone i know is doing studies on fandom and it would be really awesome if everyone who reads this could take this survey to give them a wide range of data!