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boop update

Posted 1 month, 17 days ago by _featherweather


it's so hooot

using the time stuck inside to work on character profiles on my wiki. yuu's is like... 50% complete! like, i am actually forcing myself to verbalize (?) the backstory i have for her lmao

now opinion time: for yuu's AUs, should i have the art for that AU in the AU tab or should all her galleries be in one place towards the end

wiki incoming

Posted 2 months, 13 days ago by _featherweather

what do you think?

2 Votes hub character
0 Votes everyone has their own full profile

so i'm going to try and really start getting my character wiki actually up and running

and i'm trying to decide what would be better:

  • hub character holding the vast majority of my OCs. the only ones with full TH profiles are characters i actively use (i.e. yuu, a few CS, kasen, and a handful of others), characters who's TOS require i maintain their profile, characters who i own but 0 ideas for right now, and designs that are up for offers.
  • everyone has a full character profile, no matter how unlikely i'm ever going to be using them again and i'm keeping for nostalgia
i'm leaning towards hub, if only because even on the low end, i'm still looking at uploading several hundreds of pics. plus if i go with a hub i can probably consolidate my 3 TH accounts back into one or, at most, two which would be nice lol

I'll post images and info as comments in the thread! Feel free to comment on there or DM!

I'm more than willing to provide more pics/put random things in the bag to gauge size, etc.

prices are in USD.

Fuzzily negotiable (i.e. will trade for merch/art/fics)

Prices do NOT include shipping but it will have a random piece of merch, fabric and a sticker inside. Additional random merchandise will be included at the rate of $5 for 3 pieces.
(Feel free to make a request on merch type/fandom. I'll try to accommodate but I can't guarantee!)

wanna learn to code?

Posted 5 months, 27 days ago by _featherweather

so! i'm helping on a cool project to help fandom learn to code! the fujoshi guide to web development has recently gone live!


i am... so freaking excited. and i hope that it might interest my friends here on TH!

Gacha Closed!

Posted 6 months, 23 days ago by _featherweather

So I mentioned this earlier but the Gacha Giveaway is live and ready!

All you got to do is comment on this bulletin and you'll get one free design!

You can get additional freebies by doing the things mentioned in the ad :)

edit; thank y'all so much! over 70 designs have been rehomed! pity will be coming up soon!

happy belated new years!

Posted 6 months, 25 days ago by _featherweather

so! y'all might not have known cause i don't think i mentioned it but! i spent new years in japan which was hella fun (some pics can be seen at this blog!)

anyways! finally working on my oc site (https://yuu.wiki if you wanna check it out!) and i'll be adding some more designs to my purge thread soon-ish. 

huge purge

Posted 9 months, 17 days ago by _featherweather


feel free to look at the designs that are up for offers @ https://toyhou.se/~forums/13.adoption-center/357360.taking-offers-on-so-many-some-freebs-

and yes, there's a non zero chance if you give me an offer i might just give you the design (way more likely for friends lmao)

i want to get to a point where i'm not crying before the end of the year

Trying to Marie Condo and-

Posted 10 months, 25 days ago by _featherweather

Any designs here or on yuu1412 you really like and/or want to know if they go up for offers?

Not saying 100% that I'm selling / giving away everyone I just want to try and consolidate to babs that give me joy, maybe just get a shared doc for the ones who got bought for commercial uses that I'm never gonna use casually, and get to the point where I got less than 30

Shiny Eternatus hunter?

Posted 11 months, 14 days ago by _featherweather

Someone was wanting a shiny eternatus but I didn't remember who but

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sCeAr76zRkY&feature=youtu.be instructions on how!

Selling Anime Merch!

Posted 11 months, 19 days ago by _featherweather

Really wishing I could embed tweets lol


Anyways its mostly BNHA but if you're into Fate/ or YOI or YowaPeda there is quite a bit of that too!