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thank you so much for all the favourites! all of your ocs have gorgeous designs like woah

also have a nice day/night uwu

Thanks for the fave! It's very nice of you. UwU

thank you for favouring my characs bro :"00  

Thank you so much for the fave~! ♡

Ah, thanks for the favourite! c:

Thanks for the favorite 

bro,,, your username is epic

úwù bro, you're too kind man

ARGH! thank you for being the first ever living being to subscribe to me on toyhouse! also checked out some of ur ocs and they are so cool especially batdoggie 

yeeeee you're welcome O my all your oc's are so cute o my lord! I'm glad ya like BD o my he's always the OC who I feel like everyone hates so it means a lot thank you

Thank you thank you! Batdoggie has many good features, like being rude and round!

WUEFOJSKBVR LEGIT THOUGH! He tells off Ryan and Carmen for swearing in front of Oliver while also swearing himself


Thanks for the likes! :3

it's alright! Your OC's are super sweet and lovely!

thanks for favoriting Cassius

eeeeee it's okay! They are super cute

Ty for the fav :)

 (your characters are really cool btw ^^)

It's no problem your characters are super cute!

Sksksk ty!

awh thanks for your fave on girl!!!!! glad to see someone likes them!


you're welcome! All your characters are super snazzy and I love their designs!

Thank you for the fav on Rino!!

eeeee it's okay! All of your characters are so amazing and details and real snazzy yes yes!

aaaa thank u!

Thanks for the fav love ur characters <3

EEEEEEEE It’s okay! They are all so sweet and deserve love!

this is the oc i want jesse to be friends with lol

hehehe I guessed it might be that one, they're sweet!

thank u!! <3

Friend found your account and thought you were me lol. Nice name

KKSKSKSKSS same goes to you

Hello! Tysm for the sub :'0c <3

It's okay, no need to thank me! All your characters are absolute adorable and I really love your art style!

Thank you for the subscription :) 

eeee you're welcome! I think your characters are real neat!