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do u do pixel comms?

I do! I'm taking this month off but I usually open at the beginning of every month, all my commission info is here- if you want notifications when I open you can join my discord server!

Oh my god your pixel arts are so pretty

Do you have any tips or tricks to do it?

I want to start doing pixel art as well but i don't even know what canvas size to use ejfhdkdekkd

thank you so much! <3 I always recommend this book on pixel art since it covers absolutely everything, there's a free preview so you can check it out first-

but honestly if you're a complete beginner, searching pixel art tutorials on deviantart and experimenting with their methods is a great place to start! I started out with 50x50 pixel sprites because it was deviantart's icon size- it's pretty small but a good size to make something simple!

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thank you so much!! <3

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sorry for like spamming, all the art and designs are just so great!

aw thank you so much! <3

your designs are so pretty~

thank you!! 💖

oh my gosh i absolutely LOVE YOUR PIXELS <333 THEYRE SO ANIMATIC AND PRETTY !!!!

aw thank you so much!! <3

<33 youre welcome !! i hope to commission u soon :D

I love your art, especially your little animated pixels! What program do you make them in?

thank you!! I make them in clip studio!

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thank you!! <3

Ronnie I think this is my first time seeing your sketches! They're so clear and dynamic!
I've just been clicking through your art pages and it might be the biggest collection of your art I've clicked through at once. It's totally on me for not keeping up with your work better but holy cow You're Incredible :O You've been making varied and captivating pixels, designs, and portraits for a LONG time and I wish I'd been paying attention better for the vast majority of it!!!

;; aw man thank you so much!! this comment made my day honestly haha, it means a lot to me especially coming from you!

all your ocs are so unique and lovely! it's really a pleasure looking through your toyhouse TvT

aww thank you so much!! i really appreciate it! ;w;

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AHhh thank you haha!! i'm glad you like them! ;v;

man im loving all the new pixels you made of your characters!! theyre absolutely darling and so full of personality!! ;u;

aw thank you so much! ;v; <3

np!! ^u^)/ <3

ur art style is so pretty and sparkly!! i love it! o(〃^▽^〃)o

aww thank you!! ;v; <3

your characters are all so pretty aaaaaaaaaa <3

omg thank you!! ;v; <3

dude I am in love with this art style o m g ,, , <3

ahhh thank you!! <3

Your art is amazing! And your characters are super creative. I love everything on your page!! <3

ahh thank you so much!! ;v; <3

Ahhh have you got a DeviantArt account by any chance? Such lovely art

aww thank you!! i do, i'm tyronniesaur on dA! nvn

turned out I was already watching you--aha…… eve

i love that art bro

ahh thank you! ;v;

AAAAAA Your art is so adorbs .///.

awww thank you!!! ;v;

YW ;)



Your characters are freaking gorgeous <3

aww thank you!! ;v; <3

Your very welcome <3

ur ocs tho

they bae

omg im so sorry for the super late reply BUT THANK YOU!!