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tráthnóna maith και καλησπερα!

This is Luteia's and Faolan's temporary, for character storage largely for the characters of Sagiverse until we get our own wiki up and running. (What we want is a mix of TH and WorldAnvil, but like, without requiring a subscription. Apparently that's hard to get.) If you're here, you're probably grabbing refs for a commission. If you're here for other reasons, hope you're having fun.
Side image from Living Worlds by Mark Ferrari.


  • Give us an elnin. Maybe even two.
  • Tell us what you think of our stuff!
  • Fav characters to your heart's desire.
  • Ask if you want to use Luteia's codes, the answer is 'yes with credit'.


  • Offer on our stuff. Everything's forever homed.
  • Copy or trace our stuff. Should go without saying.
  • Expect bios to be filled out. We're very busy and we Know they're empty.
  • Put ketchup on spanakopita and eat it like a pierogi.


  • There will occasionally be implied / acknowledged NSFW. Anything explicit is largely kept off-site, or auth-only. We'll never be graphic on TH, but NSFW does happen.
  • We are unapologetically villain stans. Yes, he murdered many people and hurt his girlfriend, but he's our little meow meow. We know he'd be in jail if he were a real person. Fortunately, he's not, and we love him.
  • We like fandom OCs. We like them a lot. We are going to treat the canon with utter disrespect and more love than you expect us to.


  • Antishippers. Neither of us want to be rude, but we have dealt with antishippers before, and it ends badly for everyone involved. Just don't.
  • Kin for fun. It's disrespectful at best, actively malicious at worst, and this is an instant block. If you want to know why, start your research here.
  • Under 18 and not here because Luteia's buying art. If Luteia is buying art, this rule is waived, because high schoolers need money too. But for story / friend / social purposes, please do not.
  • Contesting a block. We block for many reasons, ranging from "Luteia didn't like one of your designs and never wants to see it again" to "you were spamming tags with characters that aren't actually characters" to "someone said you were a scam artist at some point". No, neither of us remember why you're blocked. No, that doesn't mean we'll unblock you. It's not personal nor a slight. We're just not here to be all that social.

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