Planet: Aunar

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The Map

Aunar (aw-nar) is the fictional planet that my OCs all live on. There are 6 total countries:

THERNKEEL (ther-n-keel): A country with frequently changing temperatures. It rains frequently. Thernkeel is purely forest and the people of the country very rarely travel, as they have required resources in their own area.

OCs in Thernkeel (Thernkals): River, Florence, Sunflower

ASTERN (as-turn): This place is warm and sandy. Food is hard to come by, and therefore there are many farmers here.

OCs in Astern (Asternians): Jack, Jingle

ANDTO (an-toe): Similar to Astern, Andto is a very hot desert area. However, the country trades more than Astern and as a result is able to grow and trade a variety of foods and items.

OCs in Andto (Andtons): Thanatos, Goat, Dmitri, Rogue

BLICNA (blih-ck-nah): The country has a similar climate to Thernkeel, only warmer and mildly drier.

OCs in Blicna (Blicc): Naruto

LANDNGUIL (land-an-giw): This country ruled over Thernkeel, Astern, Andto, and Blicna many centuries ago, as it is the biggest country that has many resources (though not nearly as many as Thernkeel). Now Landnguil is a peaceful little village country, made approximately 50% of forest.

OCs in Landnguil (Guilans): Rex, Annabelle

THE SCRAPS: Nobody has any clue what happened. The floor is barely visible through all the junk. Most of the garbage is metal or plastic and far more advanced than anything in the rest of Aunar. There is very little life in The Scraps, with only mice and cockroaches. The Scraps was named by Annabelle as a descriptor of the island. The mice raise many questions about the evolution and existence of others on the planet.

OCs in The Scraps: none

Ocs from The Scraps: Rogue