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Hi!! You're my biggest idol even though the style/coloring doesnt rub of on me too well, but i was just curious if you ever sell your characters? not looking for any, im just merely curious!

Your characters are so creative!! It's nice to see them all organized with descriptions on here. :'-)

Glad to see you so active here! 💕


ur bnha characters are so precious im crying i love them esp takahisa

OMFG I love your OCs and your art! I follow you on IG and got super excited to see these boys here!!!

Gosh I love your kiddos!!

thank you!! +.゚(*´∀`)b゚+.゚

i love your stuffff

im really happy you made a cause i was curious about your characters!

ahhh thank you!!;;; <3  i really needed a place to organize all my characters and i'm so happy that i could make an account here!  :,)

Your art and bbies are wonderful!

thank you so much!!;;


Totally followed you from Instagram.

Love your characters and art bro!!


aw thank you!!