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Thank you for the fave of Chari~

Thankyou for the fave on my bby

Thanks for faving my kid, it’s appreciated!

Thanks for the favorite 

yo! you can ship ur ocs with canon characters, lots of people do! its fine!

lol yeah im gonna do it anyway. i just dont wanna be made fun of ya dig?


This probably goes without saying djgtkm but thank you super kindly for the love on Funfetti! ' v'/ Here's hoping I can make a kickass OC out of her!!!

Thanks for the faves! I really appreciate it!

you’re welcome!! 

So like-- i just wanted to say I ADORE your characters holy crap-- i especially love Harley!! Vintage/1920s cartoons are my absolute weAKNESS.......... but seriously,, all your characters are mega cool imo!! Will defo have to draw em sometime!!!

omg!! thank you!!! you have a lot of neat kids too! ive come across daegan a few times in the forums and i really love her design and overall concept. (:

Thanks for the fave on my nerd!

Thanks for the fave~! 💕

thank you for the fave on misha!!! :D

Thank you so, so much for the favourites on Evie, Lily, and Kaliban! I really appreciate it! 

You have some absolutely lovely girls, by the way! Big shoutout to Piper, Marina, and Maggie... <3

oohhh!! thank you <3 <3 <3 that seriously means a lot!

Thanks for the favorite 

Thanks for the copious amount of faves. Warms my heart to see my ocs so loved <3

Thank you for the favourite on Blackbird

you're welcome! she's really beautiful. 

Tysm for the fave!

Aa! Thank you so much for the fav!! <3

Thanks for the favorite!

Omg your characters are all so cute! And now I've found so many cool artists to follow omg ty,,,

aahhh!! thank you!! that really means a lot to me lol my characters are my children

Yw!! I'm glad it meant alot to you omg

Im beyond ecstatic for you to have favorited so many of my darlings!! Thank you so much !!

you’re welcome!! you have do many gorgeous characters!

thank you for all the faves <3

Thanks so much for the favorites

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Thank you kindly for the love on Coco! ; v;

Thanks for the favorite 

I have a feeling your a Symmetra main :P

What are your thoughts on Lucio though?

lol actually I'm a Tracer main. i just really like Sym! and Lucio is really good. he's so happy and upbeat. w

Lucio is one of the best bois x3

I wanna main Tracer but I have a hard time with her atm.

he really is! i love him, he's awesome. tracer dies a lot but she fits my playstyle, which is to be annoying as possible to the enemy team lol

That sounds fun XD
I should practice her more

Sadly I can't aim to save my life. That's why I main Junkrat x3

lol junkrat is tons of fun to play, too!

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Thanks for the favorite 

Thank you so much for the all favs!!

Just a lil question, how long can you wait for the trade? So I can construct my to-do list ' o')b

However long you need! I don't mind waiting so feel free to work on higher priority stuff first if you need to.

great, thank you!

ooh youmu

anyways, update on the trade and i'm currently sketching it! hopefully i'll get to finish it this or next week hehehe

great!! thanks for updating me :D

Thanks for the favorite on Castle 

mhm! you're welcome!

Thank you for the favorites! ^^

you're welcome!

thanks for faving ganymede o/ it means a l o t !!!

thanks much for the favorite this babu blobuwu

Thank you so much for favouriting Missile and her cute gf! I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the fav on my sona!

you're welcome!! <3

thank you so much for faving hudson!

youre welcome!

Thank you for the favorite. ^^

no problem! :D

Thank you for the fav~

youre welcome <3

Thank you for the favs!! I wish you a great day! c:

aw youre welcome and thank you!!

thank you so much for the favourites <3 

no problem! <3

Thank you for the faves and subscription! <3

(Btw your characters I've looked over so far are beautiful!) 

youre welcome!! also thank you, that means a lot to me! <3

Of course. <3

you're welcome!! <3

Thank you for the favorite on Vein!! c:

you're very welcome! :D

Thanks for faving Durven!!

thanks friend! <3

lol yes (-:

ahhhhh thank you for favoriting Marvin! ;w; he's a new character so I'm really glad someone likes him already xD

you're welcome! hes a really neat character!

Ahhh thanks for the sub! ^^

no problem!! <3