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16+ preferred! my profile contains some mature content!

before you check out my page, just a few things:

- i will block people who make me uncomfortable or support disgusting, illegal, or immoral media/people. your presence does not belong here.

- people are allowed to draw my characters at any time, but please do not draw anything bad/gross/fetishy/bigoted/etc. with them! i might allow nsfw stuff for a few characters but please ask about that first before doing anything.

- you are allowed to get inspiration from my work, but please do not blatantly copy/trace/steal my art and characters. also don't use them for cryptocurrency and NFTs!!!

- do not offer/ask to buy characters off sale, especially important ones!

- if anything bothers you or you want to talk, feel free to DM me! although i prefer to do it somewhere else like discord


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