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do not steal, copy, or get heavily inspired by my characters (because it's happened before) and dont steal my art either

some profiles might include mentions of abuse/murder/other things, but most of those are privated and ill provide a separate profile warning if it does come up! there will be no gore or nsfw here, although there might be some blood

my tags are for myself to organize, the "want art" tag is to remind myself to draw them lol.

just because i have many characters without writing in profiles does not mean i havent developed them, i just havent written it on here. my main use of toyhouse is storing art. most of my characters are private because ive had a lot of them since elementary/middle school and theyre very personal to me

please dont put characters of mine into "dreamie" folders or the like if they're not up for trade/sale, it makes me very uncomfortable <3

Bigots and abuse apologists leave

if you dont support BLM then don't interact.  I wont tolerate you.

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