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General Warnings

  • Gore, self harm/hatred, cursing, and murder are themes that may show up on some characters
  • Some characters have potentially disturbing designs or poses
  • Most drawings with just blood will not be tagged for gore

  • If you see Suffer with art of mine, please report it. They blocked me and they are not allowed to post my art anymore even if it is their character.
  • Don't draw my sonas
  • Don't trace any of my art. If you want a base or lineart I used on a piece, PM me
  • Comment on the character's profile if you want to claim them or trade for them
  • Let me know if I messed up credit for a piece. I post really fast and forget to change settings
  • If I post something you would like taken down for any reason, PM me.  On a side note, please do not block me immediately after PMing me. I will not fight you, trust me. Also please do not go telling all your friends about the thing I posted. One person reporting to me is enough. 
Other Info

  • I can be found on FlightRising, Sylestia and PokefarmQ
  • I sometimes block random people whose content I don't want to see. Apologies if you or one of your friends is one of those people.
  • Very open to art trades
  • I use bases and lines sometimes. If an image's artist is marked as "Base" then it was done on a base and I can link you to it if asked.
  • I currently own two P2U bases and they are the Maned Wolf and Lynx bases. Images and characters done with these bases will have their artists set to "P2U Base" If I am crediting these wrong or breaking any of their TOS, please PM me and let me know how to fix my mistakes.

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