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General Warnings

  • Gore, self harm/hatred, cursing, and murder are themes that may show up on some characters
  • Some characters have potentially disturbing designs or poses
  • Most drawings with just blood will not be tagged for gore

  • Nothing on this account is UFT. I have TheBoredPhoenix for that.
  • Do not trade my designs or characters with my art to:
    HeartlessTrades, bandersnatch, Creepy-Stitches, StrudleNugget, Suffer, or spheal

  • I use bases and lines sometimes. If an image's artist is marked as "Base" then it was done on a base and I can link you to it if asked.
  • I currently own two P2U bases and they are the Maned Wolf and Lynx bases. Images and characters done with these bases will have their artists set to "P2U Base"

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