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Thanks for checking out my characters! I hope you enjoy your stay ♡


  • You will mostly find Anthro, Feral, Monster, and Alien characters here!
  • I own several Kinsonas and Fandom OCs.
  • I enjoy collecting and participating in both closed and open species
  • You can contact me here or via Discord @ CakeBird.Art#0468 if you have any questions!


  • Remain polite and professional when contacting me!
  • Read through my ToS!
  • Ask me questions regarding my art/characters! 
  • Check out my other socials!


  • Ask for free art/Characters.
  • Offer criticism on my art or OCs without asking.
  • Harass me, my clients, or people I have commissioned/worked with in any way.
  • Make rude/sexual remarks towards me or my OCs, joking or not.

Some of my characters may reference or contain potentially disturbing content. Please make sure to read through this warning carefully!


  • Characters found here may be Evil, whether it be in a cartoony sense or a more realistic sense. This does not mean I endorse their actions or behavior.
  • I draw and engage with properly tagged NSFW artwork and characters. Minors found engaging with my NSFW content will be blocked.
  • Art, characters or character profiles may depict or make reference to gore or other violent/disturbing content. This includes firearms and other forms of weapons.
  • Art, characters or character profiles may depict themes such as eyestrain, rapidly moving gifs, eyes and eye-clusters, trypophobia, violence, horror, body-horror, parasites, possession, and more.


  • You are a Pedophile or Zoophile.
  • You are a TERF or Transmed.
  • You are a supporter of white nationalism or pro-police ideology.
  • You have an interest in NFTs or Crypto currency.

While I do not keep my blacklist public, there are several reasons I may add someone to my blacklist, as listed below. This is not an all-inclusive list, and I reserve the right to refuse service without reason.


  • Past or present harassment of other users or myself.
  • Inciting drama with other users or myself
  • Continuous breaking of ToS 
  • History of scamming or chargebacks

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