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Posted 4 months, 9 days ago by callilux

do you get/have you ever had mgraines before?

13 Votes Yes and it's shit
0 Votes Yes but it isn't/wasn't too bad
8 Votes I live a fortunate and migraine-free life

Hello everyone. This is your local biannual update from Callieland.

So basically I've been in the throes of a relatively bad migraine for (literally) the past week straight now. Between trying to sleep in bed, trying to sleep on the couch, trying not to puke up my oatmeal, and trying to find effective painkillers, not much is going on and I'm bored. So, because nothing gets my engine running more than rambling about myself, I was hoping to use this bulletin to request questions on my curiouscat. Shamelessly. About whatever. I am definitely dark and mysterious and compelling enough that you absolutely have questions just lying around for me right. Right??

Anyway, I'll mostly be resting up and taking things easy until it eases off. It's slowly getting better, but, just, very slow. I'm still not up for involved conversation and it might take me a bit to get back on questions, but I will try to stay available on here/twitter if needed.

Thank you for reading.

EDIT/UPDATE FROM THE WAR FRONT: It's been a few more days and I'm doing a lot better now. There's still some very slight pressure, but it goes away entirely if I have some coffee so I can effectively say that the bastard headache is GONE. Hooray! Thank you to everyone who has followed me on this saga and for all the kind comments, here is wishing that absolutely nobody ever in the world ever gets a migraine again. World don't need 'em.

facelifts, profiles, artfight

Posted 8 months, 26 days ago by callilux

Art Fight Art Fight Where You Be Sitting

8 Votes Team Dream
10 Votes Team Nightmare
3 Votes Team I Don't Know Yet
3 Votes Team I'm Not Doing Art Fight

where you been callie

Around, is the answer! I started juggling a lot of projects, narrative plotting, writing some stuff etc that blew up beyond what I was expecting. Two of these things included drawing newer fresher sexier icons for everyone and coding (as has become an annual thing I GUESS) a new profile layout - icons are up for most chars already, new profile is not bbbbut I'll get to that after


It's that time of year again.

My profile is here, and I'm on team Dream. I'm not sure how active I'll be compared to other years -- I'm trying to focus on quality more than quantity... or hopefully strike a nice balance between those -- but I will do my best and am excited for the event! What team are you on? Any particular plans for AF this year? This your first time or no? ARE YOU EXCITEDD??

the results are in

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grats meff on the overwhelmingly most not-awful-to-live-in country.

the results have been in for a while i just wanted to bump the GIANT ASS OLD BULLETIN off my page. thank you to everyone who voted, 'twas a fun little silly thing and i enjoyed reading all your responses

Where in Aurholm Would You Wanna Live

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by callilux

Which one??

1 Votes Kitiven
2 Votes Asphodel
0 Votes Palida
0 Votes Ordanz
11 Votes Miulu

Thought this might be interesting. In which of the five countries of Aurholm would you wanna live?

For a refresher, Aurholm has four continents, each of which comprise a country, plus a series of islands splintered off from everything else. All these landmasses are floating separated in space. Souls, if left alone, painfully mutate into monsters upon death.

I wish there were a cut function cuz this got long but w/e here are some factors to consider.

Theocratic land with deserts in the north, savanna in the center, rainforests in the south. A large Nile-esque river called the Katani runs through the whole country.
Death system: Bodies are cremated and bones entombed in ossuaries. Souls are severed, preventing the transformation but damning the dead into gradually losing their identity and degrading into a shade lost in space. Space ghosts.

+ Stable economy, good resources, good technology, good education
+ Cities and landscapes very beautiful. Water from Katani plentiful and clean
+ State-funded healthcare
+ Equal gender rights/opportunities
+ State religion's core principles are pretty chill and focus largely on self-improvement, achieving virtues, and empowering others, rather than punishing sin
~ Heavy emphasis on rehabilitation of criminals, owning up to mistakes, conciliation and forgiveness
~ Alcohol, drugs, misc narcotics completely illegal if not medicinal. Very boring place if you're a party person
- Law dictated by ever-changing interpretations of holy texts
- Must adhere to state religion, apostasy is a crime
- Some of the laws are really arbitrary and dumb, like the countrywide curfew at sundown
- Religious schisms sometimes form in certain communities which can lead to conflict with the state, and in extreme cases war
- LGBT+ not actively persecuted but also not considered socially acceptable
- Big taxes

A land formed from the union of many ancient kingdoms, collectively ruled by Aquila, your local autocrat. Highly varied geography, with arid canyon regions, but generally green and wooded.
Death system: Souls are purified in Aquila's blood, preventing the transformation and inducing a peaceful coma in the dead, then entombed safely in state crypts.

+ Richest nation, best technology, best science, best military, best education
+ Literally rich enough to give all households a livable stipend, and does this
+ Post-scarcity society, even very poor individuals have their most basic needs met
+ Free and wireless electricity
+ Strong national identity and history, lots of friendly competition between "states" in many fields
+ No social stigma against LGBT+
+ Religious freedom OK, but pledged allegiance to Aquila necessary
+ Has a state&federal law system like in the US, where laws between states can vary pretty wildly. Can always move somewhere else if laws in current state are unappealing
~ Meaningful employment can be hard to find as most low-skill labour is automated and culture is individualist. On the flipside, lots of free time to pursue personal interests
- Very military culture. Young men are obligated to several years of military service
- Highest population of magical beasts and witches. If you're ever going to be turned into a frog, it's probably going to happen here.
- Constant fearmongering from Aquila about Phoenix and Raum
- Like half the nation's major wars/conflicts/problems are caused or fabricated by Aquila, who needs to shake up the peace every so often just to stop everyone from getting complacent
- Death penalty and public execution are things, which Aquila flexes rather often
- Eugenics is a thing. Those with heritable illnesses aren't allowed to breed, and cultural standards for 'acceptable' partners are extremely high and/or genealogy-based
- Extreme weather. Freezing to death in winter and heat stroke in summer are both extremely possible if exposed to the elements
- Natural water, including rainwater, is poison
- Casual racism towards foreigners very ingrained in the culture
- Treason against Aquila? More like, everyone cheers as your soul is tortured forever

A archipelago of tribespeople with societies centered around unlocking secrets of the universe via rituals and astrology. Most of the terrain is a toxic ocean, though natives are resistant to the poison.
Death system: Most of life is spent achieving means to subsume one's ego into the world, causing ego death. Otherwise the soul is cast into the ocean to rot.

+ Abundant resources. Effectively post-scarcity
+ Relations between tribes are good. Occasional spats and battles, but restricted to one-on-one challenges between tribal leaders rather than messy wars
+ Unique social system where a leader's power is directly tied to the community's respect for them, assholes don't last long as leaders here
+ Collectivist mentality, doing something for the community garners way more respect than doing something just for yourself
+ Flexibility of religion allowed and encouraged as long as underlying gnostic principles are pursued
+ Great climate, environment, landscapes
+ Foreigners happily accepted provided they begin spiritual training and properly support+represent the tribe
~ It's extremely venerable to go on a missionary expedition at some point so hey that's an opportunity to go traveling
- Technology and economy rather poor but it's not really needed in the first place, between the abundant resources and the FUCKING MAGIC
- Education is primarily spiritual/religious, no forms of tertiary education. Have to go overseas if you want to learn advanced skills, sciences etc.
- ENDLESS stereotyping over star signs. endless
- You'll probably get pigeonholed into your occupation because of this
- Patriarchal, women are respected and can be quite powerful but highest positions are always held by men (exemplary cases aside)
- Ability to provide for women, especially multiple women, seen as a great virtue. Harems are a thing
- LGBT+ actively rejected, rigid gender roles
- If you manage to ever get ostracized by the tribe the chances of you being accepted back peacefully are very very low
- Harsh initiation rituals and punishments for crimes. Scarification customary as rite of passage for many tribes, beatings and amputation of body parts are common penalties for things like theft, torture is not uncommon

A glacial region with most of its society and infrastructre inhabiting underground vaults. Oligarchy, laws manipulated at the whims of mogul families.
Death system: Souls are severed, leading again to space ghosts. Bodies often left to rats or cannibalized.

+ No stigma against LGBT+
+ Communities rather tight-knit with oddly strong sense of solidarity owing to miserable conditions
- Extreme rich/poor divide and food scarcity
- Majority of population forced into harsh, exploitative labour (mining, factory work)
- Majority of population lacks housing
- Majority of communities too poor for education
- No worker's rights
- Moreover, no human rights
- Slavery legal and common, typical punishment for crime is slavery
- No serious stigma against cannibalism, at worst it's considered low class
- Almost impossible to move from one section of the country to another; you're pretty much stuck wherever you're born
- Everyone has pretty much accepted that life is horrible, money is power, and freedom is unattainable
- Prolific criminal organizations in various sections of the country
- Will your best friend backstab you for a dollar? Yes
- Huge population, limited space. Overcrowding in tunnels and cities
- Dirty, poor healthcare, awful environment, high mortality rates
- Religion/faith actively discouraged

A chain of four islands floating in space, ruled by the Archon Mephi. One island is always dusk, one always dawn, one always twilight, and one always night.
Death system: Transformation into a harmless animal upon death, rotting process continues to second death, but painlessly and without causing a public safety hazard. Soul subsumed back into world, bodies buried to fertilize plants.

+ The setting's only proper, functional democracy!
+ Mephi is nominally the ruler but he's so lassies-faire that he really doesn't enforce anything unless it's like, to prevent some crazy dictator from getting into power and going full warmonger
+ Absurdly strong economy relative to nation's size
+ Allied with Asphodel, access to advanced technology
+ Zero crime. Like actually zero.
+ Islands are a route for international travel, so this is the place to be if you ever want to go anywhere else
+ Travellers from Miulu typically aren't antagonized anywhere because everyone is fucking terrified of reprisals from Mephi
+ Friendly witches tend to contribute greatly to the community with their magics
+ No stigma against LGBT
+ Equal gender rights
+ Freedom of religion OK, but cultism of Mephi typical
+ Pretty auroras
~ Tiny tiny landmass and population, not a whole lot of opportunity
- There no sun ;-; it is cold
- Dependency on Mephi for society to function; land and crops not sustainable without him
- Mephi
- You are a filthy Mephi stan
- Regular human sacrifices required
- Furries
- You are a furry


Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by callilux

...And, just a little bit late to the party, Artfight is now over! Though I fizzled out near the end, I enjoyed the event a lot and it was nice to have an excuse to draw some fanart and bump into some cool new artists. I still have some revenges I wanna do, but those will be on the backburner for now while I replenish my Art Energies. SOMEDAY, though!

But also. I'll now, finally, be uploading the attacks I received during the month! \o/ Please enjoy this bomb of fanarts, because I do.

Now what else have I been up to lately.

Well I made a tumblr. I'm mostly using it for character stuff, following some prompt blogs, doing meme shit, and occasionally reblogging setting inspo photo things. I'll probably upload some sketches or doodles on there too that are too slapdash to go on profiles. I'm not sure how active I'll be on it overall, but hey it's a thing that exists now.

Template Update
So I've had premium for a little while now and decided I may as well use it to spruce up my character profiles. That sprucing turned into a whole new profile template, which I've already slapped on Cam.

Ideally, the most important information is now a little easier to find and parse. The big fat story blob now has its own tab with more space. Aesthetic tab is gone since I wasn't using it anyway. Otherwise things are pretty much the same. I'll try to be more timely in moving things over to this template, but if I wind up getting stuck on someone's story and having to plot it all out like with Raum again, lol, no promises. (Looking at you Lisbet, Camille, Trivia/Swift). Hopefully this one will last more than just a few months >_<

Oh yeah, and here's the real crazy thing about this profile. It doesn't FUCKING EXPLODE on mobile. wAOH!

Thanks for reading. Have a good day everyone >:u


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5 Votes I'm so hyped
1 Votes NYAHAHAHA! You thought you could get away with attacking me, could you?
2 Votes Fool! You've forgotten about my special technique......
1 Votes THE REVENGE!!!
4 Votes Here's to a fun month everyone \o/
0 Votes I'll try to be as active as I can >_<





writing prompts?

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by callilux

Heyo it me. So I've been having a vague impulse to write some scenes n stuff, just for shits n' funs n' giggles, but I'm undecided what they should be. So does anyone have scene prompts or character interactions (among my dudes) they'd be interested in? Otherwise, a general writing prompt/link to a writing prompt resource that would be cool?

disclaimer I write at Snail Speed so it may take a long.... long time for anything to be written or finished enough for it to be postable. I'm just suprbored.

Thank for reading.


Posted 2 years, 2 months ago by callilux

Now that I've discovered anchors work, I've made a cooler, sexier layout template I'll gradually be applying to everyone. While I'm at it, I'm touching up some wording, trying to make things generally more accessible, and elaborating on stuff I either overlooked or didn't have room for. that said this is still a shitton of words and it still looks broken on mobile (rip)

Anyway, Cam's is up. Now here's the real point of this bulletin:

Shameless Begging.
You see that tab called aesthetic, right? You see how you can't click it, right? It's because I haven't finished the moodboard (or the playlist) that lurks behind that tab. Because I'm lacking in pertinent songs/images.

So this is my public request for any songs or images I could put on any character's playlist or moodboard. I'll forewarn by saying that I'm stupidly picky about what goes up (which is... probably why they're unfinished R I P), but, it doesn't hurt to ask, and it doesn't hurt to throw suggestions out there. Even if I don't wind up using something, I'm still interested to see what impression people have of my guys, and just generally like being exposed to new stuff.

Consider the request open indefinitely, even if you stumble on this bulletin months after it's posted. Knowing me, I probably still won't be done with them.

It's a shameless ask, and I'm not sure how much response there'll be, but hey. Thank you to anyone who offers up suggestions, or just wants to link me to stuff, trust me, I need the help.