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i have no idea if this is even coherent but i cant stop thinking about it so im memeing:

Cam making another archon like

ACCURATE... that is more or less the process, yes

thanku for the meme    i am giggle


i saw this a while ago on ur twitter and never got to it until i was cleaning out my saved pics on my phone oops 

in this house we stan overcomplicated OP bastards with issues even intensive therapy won't be able to fix

SO MANY!!! That's at least like five bingos in this. Man. Our tastes overlap like crazy huh

"Archetype from anime or internet subculture" silbe who are you. Are you tsun

if he was in a dating sim he would be that mysterious shady sadist bastard that isn’t quite a yandere but everyone loves him because he’s a shady sadist bastard


Just wanted to say that I just read your response on the 'react to the diary post of the oc above' thread to my oc and IM WHEEZING SM THAT WAS JUST GOLD 



thanks for insulting my ho so hard no joke it made my day 10 /10 

oh my god I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT! I was a little worried writing it that it was going TOO hard so this is a relief tbh XD aoki's a very roastworthy boy and I had a lot of fun replying to him SO I'M GLAD THAT SENTIMENT CARRIED.....

Thank you for the comment and sub           I will always endeavour to make days and murder sides to eternity, this is my lifeblood, behold me

Hey, you posted IC as zachary, but it appears I can't see them? "invalid character selected."

I'm on the behind you thread so I need a bit of background for them is all

Edit: I believe that it's a NSFW filter, currently trying to figure out stuff;;

Hey! Thanks for claiming and for asking, but yeah celestiials is right, Zach's profile is behind an 18+ maturity block because of some sensitive themes in it. General practice is to void/delete the claim and wait for a character whose profile is accessible. 

Yep, already voided! Ty for the response! 

ommgggg for the dropped loot forum game the one you did for quinn was so perfect, especially the blurb about the playing card. 

I'm glad you liked it! It was fun to write, too :p

Ahhh.. Ok. I'm here to thank you times a million. You replied to Vadim on the bio forum and... You read his bio the perfect way I'd meant it to come across. Reading through your reply and commentary on him just made my night and even thinking about it this morning is just making me very happy. Your words were very thoughtful and left me happy I'd managed to write him well enough for all those pieces to come across. You seem lile an ultra rad human, and those ling character bios you warn if will probably find my spelunking in the future haha.


Aw, I'm glad to hear that, and this comment was a very nice surprise for me to come back to too! :) Thank you for stopping by to leave it, and GOOD LUCK soldier should you go on the bio binge... >:o they are prolix waters but I hope you enjoy them.

こちらの方こそありがとう ^^

HEYO my July-August was so hectic I didn't get around to asking people outside of the artfight site, but would it be alright to post here that drawing of Nicholas you did during artfight? o:

Absolutely! Post away to your heart's content~ :D

RAD thank you!! I'm so happy bc I love that art piece a lot ; o ; < 33

Yeyeyeyeye np! I'm glad you like it! >:U I blushu

Callieさん全てのキャラはとても面白い!Lore神ですね ;v;

for real though i really enjoyed the characters I clicked around in, everyone is so unique and the worldbuilding omfghjtnr


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed them!! Your characters are really interesting too, I love how you've executed the flip of their angelic natures into something more dangerous, in their personalities and powers and such. It makes me curious to know what happened to make them fall...!

(also don't worry about zach lol... his speech is generally pretty disordered like that. But there's no way he wouldn't have a reaction to Leraikha so i just had to jump on that... even if it did wind up pretty oblique oops)

aaaaaaaa thank you so much ;v; but honestly one day i hope to achieve your level of worldbuilding, everything is just so well explained and fragmented across all your profiles so it's so satisfying when u find out what is what when you see it in another chara's profile bfdsjk


(zuzuzuzu it's okay abt zach's post! it was just formated oddly compared to the others but i think i got the general idea!)

wow wow wow your characters are incredible!!!! their stories are so interesting and i love the feel they have oh my gosh!!

Thank you!! I'm glad you like them! <3

Hey, I'm a bit late to this, but thank you very much the sub! I usually don't thank people for this kind of stuff, but I really do love your settings and characters, I feel honored haha! ♡

Well I love your art and I think you're pretty cool so of course I'm gonna follow >:u I'm glad you like my stuff too, and thank you for the mention in the favorites thread, also. It made my day. 

Now just to chug along... one by one... slowly... profiles profiles profiles >:u

Thank you so much for the sub!! <3

aaaa Honestly I don't know why I didn't earlier? I see you around a lot and like your characters so what the heck?? Well whatever now I have >:0

your character designs are so cool and the effort you put into their stories is astounding and inspiring! i'm excited to see what you create in the future!!

Thank you, and thank you for checking them out! It can take me a while to iron things out and write them up, but things are chuggin' along! >:o

Happy Easter! I hope you have a great one!

Oh my god please end me I thought I was on my main account sjagkshskshsk I'm @galaxyFlowers

Ahh, thank you so much! You have a good one too! \o/

goddamn, your characters and worldbuilding are amazing! Ended up binge-reading it all, 11/10, NOICE.

Thank you!! I'm currently updating everyone's profiles and writing up a proper narrative for Raum... Its taking a while, but it is happening! So hopefully, before too long, there should be more to binge >:D No escape!

Nice! I'll be sure to hang around and read more when you update stuff :> Thank you for giving me a really fun morning of reading through your characters and lore!

gently slides in here but probably trips or something oops

Can I get permission to draw some of your children? I think I recently finished binge-reading all their bios and the lore behind the world and man I am absolutely in love with your work and I thought what better way to express my love than fanart!

YES!! Always!! Or rather, please do!!! I really struggle how to express this right, but it makes me super happy you've enjoyed my stuff so much @[email protected] huge thank you ;-;

Alright! I'll be sure to show you when I'm done, and no problem! I hope to see more of your characters and work, I love seeing them all in the forums and things!

I drew Zachary! I think he was the first character of yours I really looked into, he's definitely one of my favorite characters.

!!!!!!!!!!! This is ADORABLE. He looks ADORABLE. LOOK at that fluffy hair and that cute face I love it. Thank you so much! I'll upload it right away >:O

And, I'm glad you like him. I get worried about him sometimes because he's... well, Zachary, so I find the positive reception very reassuring. @[email protected] Again, thank you for the support. \o/

I'm so glad you like it, he was super fun to draw! And I can understand being worried, but I feel like there are a lot of people who like him or would like him too, he's incredibly well-written! No problem, and thank you for making such an enjoyable set of characters and world!

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Hey man. If you can't beat 'em. Just sit on your hands until they go away.

aaaa thank you ///// Me, I had to fav Kanen the second I saw her, each point down that bullet list was like 'Yes. Im about this' and then 'Yes. Im also about this. And this. And this." and.... it didn't stop.... how did you hit all my weaknesses in one character you devious fucking legend

Yes really!!! And it means you make for a good character lmao

But as for RPing... yeah, unfortunately I'm not too keen on it, in general v_v I think I have trouble imagining my guys out-of-context, while in-context they're all weird, OP, and unsociable in ways that wouldn't be fun to play against. Like Phoenix... he's technically incapable of interaction but I ignore that for forum games oops

hhhnhgdhjaff thank you ;-; It's all a bunch of weird ideas I personally enjoy, so hearing that others are enjoying them too is like... @[email protected] omigosh, YES! I happy. I blush.

God I just caught up reading your bios & shit for like an hour.  I read one & it links to another and i'm caught in an endless procession of weird shit & i love it.  The mechanics of your gates of heaven universe are gloriously fascinating and the characters play with the concepts they live in in just really cool ways,,,

Broh I am a Big Fan 10/10 i fuckin hope u write a big thing w/ them but even if not your character bios are really good on their own

Welcome to the swamp. I'll do my best to prevent your escape.

GoH is a bunch of my weird interests thrown into a blender, marinated in angst, spiced with OP high-hilarity-potential immortality powers, and faintly scented with Birds. I wouldn't mind writing an actual thing with all this stuff either, but whether it will ever happen is up in the air... esp considering the glacial rate im taking on some pretty important stuff, like, Raum. And Camille+Lisbet. those guys are pretty important.

Still, though! I'm glad you're enjoying my wacky brain potpourri, and hope it can all evoke some tears n' giggles. Will keep on chugging along 'till I've cleaned up all those WIPs   guh

Big thanks, Big Fan \o/

That is All Exactly My Aesthetic.  Thank you for putting all this out on the internet for ppl to see it's very good

Any chance I can draw any of your kiddos?

YES!?!? A 100% chance, yes. Holy moly. I love it when people draw my babies, so feel free to go for it!


hahaha i'm sorry if i pretend to be too close sometimes but i wanna wish you a happy new year! thanks for being a major inspiration for me BOTH as a writer and an artist. i hope to look forward to more GoH content this year! seriously your responses to my or others' characters are so golden pls keep that up

Thank you and Happy New Year to you too! But let's see if I can get better at finishing these dang bios for the new year @[email protected] nuh

Do you ever plan on writing a chapter novel online somewhere of your characters and their interactions with each other instead of just having their bios written out?

I'd read the heck out of that

aaa ;///; It's an idea that's vaguely somewhere in the back of my mind, and I know what a theoretical ending would be, but there's a lot of stuff (mostly pertaining to camille and lisbet) I haven't figured out yet that complicates any plotting of a narrative. ...Keep in mind all this stuff on the bios is essentially backstory/background lore, if GoH was a novel, it'd just be about (or at least centered around) Zach's pilgrimage. And I'm going glacially at outlining even side character bios/stories (mephi, raum, trivia) as it is OTL do i even need their stuff outlined for zach's pilgrimage? OTL probably raum at least OTL i blame forum games. 

I'm not sure whether I have the discipline to actually write a novel, either, but if I could do it... that'd be nice.

aaaa no problem! Galaxias is great, I love her concept and her positive goals/personality appeal to me so much @[email protected] I got caught up listening to the music linked on her page for quite a while, too.

And -- oh gosh, I'm glad you liked it! When I start rambling on about setting stuff I always wonder if what I'm saying is coherent to anyone else, so it's a huge relief things came across decently enough @[email protected] Incidentally I love AUs and things of that nature, so I had a lot of fun imagining how that scenario would've gone down, and it got me to consider some stuff I hadn't been focusing on beforehand -- seriously a fun prompt.

Bwwbwbbwbwbeb I am flattered ;-; I'll confess to taking a lot away from some books I've read on writing, and I don't doubt that helped me get in my current mindset when writing stuff. ...I'm not sure I'd call it 'masterful' just yet, though!! 

>need to find the time and devote myself

eeeee ;-; once again, flattered. There's big parts that are still massive WIPs, but hopefully there's enough there to give a vague idea of where everything's going. If you do feel the urge sometime to hunker down and power through the Walls of Words, I'd recommend starting with Cam (plus the setting info stuff linked in the first line of his bio, and if you're Very Interested, the two oneshots also linked in his bio... Though that's definitely pushing it lol), and going through everyone chronologically from there... So, in the way the characters are ordered in the folder

>Lisbet and Camellia

Lisbet ;-; she compensates for all the others and their gloom by being the biggest purest cinnamon roll. I love writing her just to take a break from everyone else sometimes. And Cam... I'm not sure I'd call him a cinnamon roll, but I love him too. It's funny to me that you singled these two out, since they happen to be (on a species level) in a symbiotic relationship, and are made to contrast/conflict with each other specifically

>still trying to get the flow

ganbatte~ wait this is a good thing since I can expect to see more galaxias around while you feel her out HEHEHE

Your stuff is super creative and I love it, even after only reading bits and pieces thus far. Just wanted to stop by and tell ya that~

Thank you!! ;-; <33 It's always gratifying to hear others are enjoying it too. ...But I gotta get off my butt sometime and do more work on these profiles!! ;;'-'

You're welcome~ I can relate to that, it can be pretty difficult to sit down and write stuff out all nice and formal like, or even just in in scribbled down note form at times. I wish you luck, and look forward to learning more about your world and characters!

Hi I just wanted to drop by and say that I really enjoy your art, writing, and designs, I hope I'll be able to read everything you've provided about your characters and setting soon because it's all really intriguing to me, I like your work a lot!

aaaaaa Thank you!! I'm glad you're enjoying my stuff, and flattered it's interesting you enough that you'd go out of the way to read more <3 ...But don't force yourself if it's too much @[email protected] I know it's a whole, whole lotta words to get through.

No problem! And don't worry, I  really like reading so it'll be fun to delve into everyone's stories! Even if I wasn't one for reading, you write really well so I'm pretty certain I'd enjoy it even then, too.

so you posted raum on the romantic relationship thread

that's very


dabs as i run



you kfkfniv got me

slides in awkwardly

art trade onegaishimasu

Aaaa you faved Hank thank you so much!!! ;o; that means a lot to me!

aaa yw! Hank is excellent he makes me smile, I am happy that the world has Hank!!

I really like your writing!!!! >:O!!!

Thank you!! <3 I like writing, but I get so picky with my wording that it takes me forever to write anything but dialogue... Which is why basically all of my posts in forum games are just dialogue, and even then I take so long that I get regularly sniped OTL just one of those challenges of life... Slow writing...

wow I didn't expect to relate to that but haha it happens to me as well!! (Or... it used to happen. i'm incredibly rusty with writing atm) dialogue feels so easy to write! back in the early days of the forum games i used to reply with dialogue only (to challenge myself and because it felt right) but now most people are replying with narrative so i figured why not play along!

i like your stories tho (i'm such a hoe for eternal suffering mmmm), i like that you don't necessarily write all of your character profiles 100% seriously maybe because they're a wip or that's just how you do it but i like it. it's endearing hahaha

Truly immortals are made only to suffer v_v I have noticed that you are also a connoisseur of immortals in bad/karmic situations... Excellent taste indeed >:u

And -- I'm glad you like the stuff I have going on!! Silly profiles are just what come out of my head when jotting things down but let's be real I can't not throw dumb humour in there to counterbalance some of the grimdark, though it is mostly a WIP thing (like, in regards to the story sections of Mephi or Trivias bios. The right personality/powers/etc panel is staying as it is for everyone unless there's something I need to add/explain better)

why yes, when death is not the final frontier, only living forever may be the worst punishment. i'm glad to see these tropes in somebody else's ocs :)x beautiful suffering, but imo being able to joke around or even joke while explaining their concepts is so good. like, it's funny but you also legitimately get to know the oc through jokes :D it's one of the joys of oc developing and also i just like the balance, too much grimdark is just too much sometimes :< so i enjoy it a lot! plus i really like how you've developed your lore! i understand it's still wip as a whole thing which is amazing cuz i feel you've figured out so much!! so thinking there's more is like :o

THANK YOU FOR THE FAV <3 I appreciate it a lot~

aaaaa yw!! >_< Kioku is a bab, super pretty and god if the memory problems aren't relateable... well no they're not really, but imagine my inability to ever remember my keys except dialed up a billion times worse... god, this poor guy OTL

Ahh thank you, I'm so glad you like him <3 Yeah he needs all the help he can get omg... if it weren't for Komoe he would probably forget everything D:

hi there, i hope it's okay if i drop in to say that i found phoenix's latest response on the friend or foe thread absolutely hilarious

It's a billion percent okay!! ;-; I'm glad people are enjoying him, I enjoy writing him a lot as well but it can be hard to find scenarios where he'd be social enough to speak up >_<

honestly keeping true to character can be a menace when it comes to actual interaction. you do it so laudably well though ;o; all of your characters ive seen around are a riot tbh, like their characterization is super well done and i always look forward to reading their posts when possible!

Sycophantic is the perfect word to describe Esmahett. Nice burn! Phoenix knows how to lay it down with no holds barred.

He is a pyromancer after all >:u Glad his roasts mercilessly (aka enjoyably) hit the mark!! Esmahett's character provided good fuel too, def a fun, distinct guy to play off of

Me I did. Look. Look at my powerful babies. My warpath will never stop until the whole world loves my babbies -- and you are merely the first casualty >:y

Seriously though, I'm glad you like them. When other people can get some enjoyment from my imaginary people too, it makes me happy ;-;

Hi I just wanted to drop by to say I love your art style ; o ; ! 

Thank you!! <3 The influences for it are all over the place -- originally stuff like Invader Zim and Psychonauts, later some artists from the Homestuck fandom (xamag, luzerna, qeti), and after that general anime styles + Kaneko + Soejima. But I'm pretty happy with where it is now, so yay!