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I hate reading these too LOL I'm sorry-

The name is Cappy! While I try to keep my page and characters (mostly) family friendly, some break the mold. The farthest they go is +16 due to some mature themes and the occasional use of strong language (or characters around them using it in roleplaying groups). Additionally I (obviously) don't agree or condone the toxic actions my characters may take. They're purely for self-entertainment and escapism.

Please Do Not

  • Copy / steal / trace / etc my creations.
  • Offer for characters outside sale/trade folder. Everyone else is forever homed.
  • Draw or imply any form of sexual themes with my OCs.
  • ... that's it I guess have a lollipop.

Content Warnings

  • You can click the button below for full list but small sample includes:
  • Blood / violence / abuse / death
  • Body horror / unreality / unsettling imagery
  • Strong language (in some rp literatures)
  • Trashy villains/anti-heros that I don't condone the actions of, ofc, (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Disclaimer: The following warning applies to art and writing on my character pages, which may or may not include the following:

Dark humour

Unethical experimentation


Car crash


Uncanny imagery

Ocean imagery

Child abuse

Child death

Illness (physical)

Illness (mental)



Body horror

Gun use/ imagery

Animated backgrounds

Fire imagery

Verbal abuse

Flashing lights

Bright colors



Self harm







Eye imagery

Mind control

Drug abuse

Physical abuse


I won't mark individual character pages for most of these warnings unless I feel it's necessary (as a lot of these elements are included in many of my stories in some form). Please keep that in mind when browsing!

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