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I’m gonna say this but I absolutely adore your designs! underrated design Fr Also drawing your ocs are so much fun! 

aauww, thank you !! hoping i pick up the motivation to design more frequently, its a fun stress-reliever when i get to it HHF BUT THANK YOU im v glad to hear you like them :, )

AND IM GLAD YOU HAVE FUN DRAWING MY GUYS ,, they can be a little messy sometimes but they are my blorbos. fr !



broooo are you being for serious rn lol :)

YEAH, MAN!!!!!!! YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi!! sorry to bother, but I was curious if u do ping lists at all or not?? :o

um!! i haven't done them before but if ppl were interested id give it a shot. for any designs/charas up for trade/sales, or?

pinglists r basically for characters not in a trade/sale folder, you would basically ping me if that character ever gets put up for trade/sale!! :)

IM SO SORRY I KNOW ITS BEEN TWO MONTHS SINCE I RESPONDED but!! if youre interested i could look into that HFHF