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General Warnings

  • Proceed at your own discretion.¬†
  • Mentions of disturbing, sensitive, and nsfw content (abuse, gore, violence...etc )

  • Do not use, copy, steal, take inspiration, reference any of my ocs or their bios in any way.
  • I am not actively looking to trade/sell ocs on this account, but feel free to message me about offers.
    • On this account, characters tagged "x" are less tentative¬†
Other Info

  • I do not justify/condone/encourage the beliefs/views of my characters or ideas written in their bios
  • Everyone is 18 or over unless stated otherwise

Please do not ask to roleplay. I just like collecting designs and writing stories for them. Also I am not confident in my level of english. However, you may request for a relationship with my ocs if you think they match. If accepted, I love to draw couple artworks of them! (can be romantic, friendship, or other types of relationships) 

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