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Hope you're doing well!

Hello Chao <3 //also writing you a message on TH, just in case//

I was wondering if you are still interested in my DropZilla Frost? If so, I'm willing to sell him to you!

Henlo again~!

Since I know you are (?) interested in Saffron, I'm willing to gift you the babe! It's also because I don't have a story for him, unfortunately, but I still love her! So... If you are still interested in her, I'm able to gift her to you <3 

Ah, I see! The thing is I don't want to separate her from Oliver, those two are a pair, she's his big sister, I really don't want to separate them :'D

That's not what I meant qwq

I just was asking you if you want Saffron for free~ Since I don't have any use for her, and I know that you are interested in her as well?

Also,, I'm only able to make an DropZilla swap for Frost and Melanie,, I don't want USD, points or anything else, just a Drop swap if you are up for it, of course!

Hello, Chao <3 I'm sorry for the randomness, but I was just curious if you might be interested in an Drop-Zilla swap? :0

Again, I'm sorry for probably bothering you,, Please let me know if you are interested or not, please aah-

Oh? Do explain, lay it on me. I'm curious.

Well, what I mean with DZ swap is like: DropZilla for DropZilla If you are interested, of course,, //I could show you a few of mine I'm willing to trade if you want me to

Uh, yeah, which ones did you want to trade? I do want to see them first XD

Ah, hm. Well, interesting...I do have a naming theme though. Like, something that is like a word/phrase and then put together make a full name. Shadowy is the first name, Servant is the last, technically. So yeah, something like that. The thing was, if I get someone with no possible naming theme like that (Not actual names because I wanted a naming theme to challenge myself.), then I discard their former name (Because naming theme. I do keep records of their old name because I want to remember their previous owners.) and then replace it with my naming theme. The thing is, every single person who doesn't have something to exactly fit the naming theme. EVERY SINGLE DROPZILLA. Ends up in the Black Market where they are experimented on, turned into assassins, basically tortured very badly. He is one. His previous name is Kou but then the naming theme happened. Fun times. :D But yeah, I am eyeing Saffron...some others too...that blue royal and the frost, I'll think about it.

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