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About Me :

Hello, welcome to my page! I'm Steff and I'm just posting my characters here and.. that's it lol

P.s. some of the characters can seem repulsive and sometimes touch on things that can be nasty or judgmental people. I just want to say that this does not mean that I can support this or that thing. I believe that the character does not always have to follow the interests or ideology of the author and may even be its complete opposite

Content Warnings :

  • Eyestrain
  • Unpleasant characters
  • Gore / Blood
  • NSFW (rare)

Don't Do This :

  • Offer anything to characters from folders 01 and 02
  • Steal my OCs or art
  • Insult me or my interest. I don't judge if you don't like something (There will always be differences of opinion and that's okay), but please don't go to insults and other negative things, I don't want conflicts

You May :

  • Draw my characters! :]
  • Ask a question for me or for my character
  • Be my friend :3

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