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Word clouds! Profile graphs!

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago by circlejourney

If there's anything you need to know about me, it's that I love lists, charts and statistics. So here I go indulging myself lol. All word clouds were made with and graphs in Excel.

Feel free to share about your own profile length tendencies, if you like--like what kinds of characters of yours normally end up with long or short profiles. I'm also curious if you think there's a correlation between how long a character's profile is and how fleshed out they feel (be they my OCs or yours or others' in general)?


  • The longest ones tend to be of two kinds: 1. Muses whom I'm constantly developing and extending the profiles of, and 2. story-peripheral OCs whom I can talk about in detail because there's no spoilers to censor.
  • But Aleigh (i.e. longest profile among my OCs) is neither? His profile was already that long from the time I posted it. I've always thought of him as one of my most complicated characters, so it makes sense?
  • The OCs with the shortest profiles are, almost consistently, the quiet, nurturing ones. Perhaps that says something about how I treat characters of those personality types 🤔 or maybe their lives can be expressed in fewer words.
  • E&S has the longest profiles. Makes sense since it's a completed novel!
  • Poor Noma, her life is full of spoilers.
  • On average, my profiles are 709 words long. That's...longer than some of my school essays lol. The profiles featured here have combined 22,000 words, which is almost halfway to a novel. RIP


  • O r o b e l l e
  • Orobelle's profile is actually one of the shorter ones. So that means she gets mentioned a lot in other OCs' profiles.
  • Vesper, on the other hand, is tiny on this cloud despite having one of the longest profiles. Love
  • I may talk about parents a little too much. I mean, I can't deny, parent-child relationships are extremely prominent in just about everything I write.
  • Parents and names, two extremely common themes among my OCs. Fair.


  • A more even distribution, but maybe because there's only four profiles.
  • Ruthenia's should be a lot bigger, in terms of character prominence. But Aleigh's profile is just too long.


  • I love that the most frequent word isn't even a name, it's just, death. Figures.
  • I can't believe Surma is mentioned more often than Kalma. wof wof

Flying off tomorrow pchoooo

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago by circlejourney

I just finished my first semester of study in Australia, and I'll be flying home to Singapore in a bit. Whee ✈️🇸🇬

There probably won't be any noticeable difference on your end, other than me vanishing for nine hours. But it does mean commissions I can get on with commissions soon.

Airplane flights are extremely productive for my writing, so if you have any writing prompts or prompt lists, I'd love to hear/see em!

Hopefully I'll be back with a near-complete next chapter for RD.

I'm really enjoying doing commissions, thank you to everyone who ordered them!

I got more than I was expecting, and as unbelievable as it sounds, I do have a limit, so...after pushing out about 70 drawings in the past 10 days, I think I actually do need a break. I'm also flying back home on 14th November, so it seems like an opportune time for one.

If you were thinking of commissioning me, speak now (i.e. in the next three days) or hold your peace...until the 18th or so, when I'll be back!

P.S. check out this half hour paint, I'm proud of it


Finally opening commissions!

Posted 2 years, 1 day ago by circlejourney

I've been meaning to for a while, and I think I've finally freed up my schedule enough haha.

Check out the sheet here for more info!

(I did like my old sheet, but this is a lot easier for me to edit on the fly.)

My album, Time and Tide!

Posted 2 years, 15 days ago by circlejourney

It just occurred to me that I never posted about it here. On June 15, I released an album, Time and Tide! The tracks were made over the span of a year and a half, and all plays/purchases mean the world to me.

As is my style, a lot of it is upbeat, and much of it has a pop or cinematic flair. It's mostly synth orchestrals (like imo the best track), orchestrals and synth track, and it's all quite upbeat, although there's a few "emotional" ones (such as this). If that sounds like your cup of tea, feel free to check it out!

OH PS. there's an illustration for each track, go to each track's page to see it! And if you buy it you get to see my commentary + five bonus tracks too.

In other news, 3/5 of my assessments are over, none of the jobs I applied to picked me up, and I'll have time for commissions again soon! That's mostly good news, I'm glad I'll get to be here more often. See you soon!

Almost back...maybe......

Posted 2 years, 24 days ago by circlejourney

Oof, my schedule got clogged up over the past month (surprise, master's degrees are hard work), and I haven't been able to interact here much. My apologies to people who were gonna commission me, people having trouble on threads I run, those who wanted to communicate with me more etc.

The good news is, I just made an AR Unity game, and I couldn't be prouder of myself.

My pile of notifications ever grows, and I don't know if I'll ever get to look at all the forum responses that have been posted on the threads I follow :( but I do like to pop in here every now and then to take a break from my life in general, which is something I appreciate.

I'm probably gonna be here more starting next month—maybe. I hope. That's if I don't land this job I'm getting interviewed for soon. So I suppose if I'm too busy to be here again, that'd be because I got the job, which would be a good thing. See you soon!

Design wishlist

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago by circlejourney


Anything that fits into either Revolving Door or Nocturna universes is appreciated. For the vaguer boards with no attire references, feel free to make something up or ask for more details.

  • Nocturna: Any character related to death mythology, demonology, ritual magic, astronomy, divination and superstition
    • I'm not particular about appearance since this is a very broad prompt, refer to general appearance preferences for more
    • One pointer: if the character is based on a real mythological figure/demon, do incorporate features that they are described to have (e.g. horns, wings, animal features) in the design
    • Prefer characters with a clear theme or gimmick
    • Particularly looking for demons, occultists and diviners
  • Wonderland: Clockworkpunk fantasy, Elizabethan, Baroque, playing card motifs (only one suit on any given character)
    • Nobles, courtiers and scientists make up most of the major characters from this world, but working class people are also good
    • Most of them have the ability to transform into an animal or an object
  • World War 2: Realistic, particularly interested in characters in the military (combatants, strategists, codebreakers, engineers)
  • Great Race: Solarpunk, Steampunk, Victorian, possibly someone involved in business, merchantry and/or travel
  • 20 Minutes in the Future / Havaiki: Slightly futuristic, still recognisable as our world
    • 20 Minutes world: Preferably a character who lives in San Francisco or Hong Kong, but any major science/tech centre is good
    • Havaiki: I prefer a character with a non-European background
    • Centred on ordinary settings: schools, cafes, hospitals, malls, neighbourhoods, and the people who frequent these places
    • I prefer practical and realistic designs for these

If not for one of my projects, I like

  • Historical characters
  • -punk genre (Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Clockworkpunk, Solarpunk) characters
  • Nobility, wealthy characters, individuals involved in politics
  • Travellers, pilots of aircraft, vessels and vehicles, workers of delivery jobs
  • Characters associated with death and the occult
  • Characters with occupations involving combat

I will probably end up trying to fit them into one of my projects in the end, though.


I like:

  • Belts and straps
  • Metal pieces, buckles, studs, buttons, badges, medals
  • Billowy parts: Coats, cloaks, capes, dresses, long hair
  • Boots
  • Long socks
  • Military attire, both ceremonial and combat, regardless of era
  • Ornamentation that holds symbolic significance
  • Attire that makes sense and can be made IRL, practical and befitting of the character
  • Clear theming: a specific interest, a mascot animal, power that makes use of specific kinds of objects/concepts etc.

I would prefer them not to have:

  • Physically impossible features if the character is a physical being
  • Neon colours, except for highlights

General notes

  • Realism is not as important for Nocturna and Wonderland characters
  • No gender preferences
  • Only if you have the time: I appreciate when a character is well-researched
  • I'd rather they not be sexualised

A few people have mentioned that they like the way my profiles are organised (which is very nice of you guys btw, I did code them all from scratch). So I threw together template versions for my user profile, character profiles and commission sheet and shared them on the HTML/CSS forums.

You can get them here!

Revolving Door twitter!

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago by circlejourney

Have you ever wanted a 24-hour feed of just me talking about the story that's my life's work, which I can't shut up about?


Well c l i c k   h e r e   a n y w a y

Everyone's welcome to follow just to find out what I'm up to! Or you can follow my regular twitter if you like. I have a no-spoiler policy on the RD account--we'll see how much I have to say as time goes on :p